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I’m trying to improve my Japanese by replying to everyone whose posts I understand with what I hope is both a grammatically correct and coherent reply. If you got one and can read this, please forgive me if they’re neither. I don’t mean to bother you or anything. My Japanese is just that terrible.

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📢 Our first ever job ad!

We're looking for an infrastructure / site reliability engineer to join our independent open source project, evolve our system architecture and help us degoogle even more websites 🥳

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Have any of y'all ever roleplayed? Where can I find communities for text roleplay?
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Le procès d'Ola Bini aujourd'hui en Équateur est une farce. Basé sur une capture d'écran (montrant qu'il n'a en fait PAS fait ce dont il est accusé) et un nombre de livres et de matériel informatique, un "accès frauduleux" à des ordinateurs qui n'a même jamais été décrit.

Il a été arrêté le même jour que son ami #Assange...

Au moment de son arrestation, il développait OTRv4, une technologie de chiffrement pour messageries décentralisées/fédérées.


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Are there any pro-stallman FSF members worth nominating to the FSF board?

I recently became an active member of @codeberg, and I must admit I’m not exactly happy about it.

All they do in the internal discussions is talk about TOS and selling swag. I wish they were more focused on free software and collaboration than on policing speech.

I, for one, am only interested in discussing technology and software, and I assume most other active members are like me, so why would we ever need a TOS?

And swag? If we have so much money that we can invest (more like spend, really) some on mugs, t-shirts and long socks (?), maybe we should look first at collaborating with other institutions with similar goals, or supporting whatever free software projects we decide as a community and establishing synergies that way.

I don’t know, it all feels so… gentrified.

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Advert in today's Australian @FinancialReview: Julian Assange faces extradition to the US and a 175 year sentence simply for publishing truthful documents #auspol #FreeAssangeNOW #DickSmith

It should be clear to anyone who has read The Test, the comic strip where the Bechdel Test came from, that its original intent had nothing to do with female representation in movies. It was just a way to determine whether a lesbian would be interested in watching them.

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Advocates of capitalism are very apt to appeal to the sacred principles of liberty, which are embodied in one maxim: The fortunate must not be restrained in the exercise of tyranny over the unfortunate.
-- Bertrand Russell

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Taper: an online literary magazine for small computational pieces, published by Bad Quarto.

Call for Work for Issue 8, with the theme of 8-Bit Nostalgia by April 1st

The 8-bit era was characterized by remarkable creativity in working with constraints, something Taper seeks to emulate. We seek works inspired by 8-bit computing, music, games, graphic art, character sets as well as the number of bits that constitute a
byte and its multiple representations.

We also welcome submissions that address cultural associations of the number 8, such as fortune in Chinese and other Asian cultures, holiness in Japanese culture, and other religious associations.

Alternatively, works could address abstract aspects of the number eight, such as its relations to geometrical figures (cubic vertices, octagons), the symmetry of the number, how it becomes the symbol of infinity when rotated, or its impact on poetic forms (octosyllabic lines, various kinds of octameter, octets, octaves, etc).

It has always amazed me that the very first thing reactionary thinking (and by this I mean valuing law and order more than freedom) attacks is sexuality. What’s the logic behind that? How does satisfying a healthy and natural urge become the main source of anarchy in the world? And when in history has that happened? The 1960s, for instance, were cool: Great music, the birth of the peace movement and environmentalism. What was so dangerous about that? We’d be living in a much better world now if we had kept those ideals.

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Oh no! My Pioneer Laseractive died today. Short buzz / bang inside, smoke et all, no more picture, still not sure which of the low voltage boards is affected. I hope I can fix it. If you know anyone that could help to bring it back to life, please DM me. Would even travel with it to get it fixed. #followerpower

If for some reason you can’t see the thread I was referring to, it was this one:

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Some thoughts on programming 

Interesting thread:

Elias Mårtenson  

Some thoughts on programming 

I knew it was spelled ‘connoisseur!’

Well, I mean, I didn’t. That’s why I misspelled it yesterday. But I knew I was misspelling it somehow. I even searched for it. Unfortunately, the search returned so many results that it seemed plausible that I had gotten it right.

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In a world that is buckling under the weight of profit making, that is overrun by the destructive sirens of Techno-science and the power hunger of globalization -- that new brand of slavery -- beyond all that, friendship exists, love exists.
-- Henri Cartier-Bresson

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What’s wrong with you, Fedi? Joan Didion has died and I had to go to Twitter to find out.

Maybe we need a little less shitposting and a little more real talk, I don’t know.

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Today for a BONUS SPC Movie Night we are watching Die Hard (1988) and Black Christmas (1974). Showtime is at 7:00am US Mountain Time (UTC-6) today only, or ~90 minutes from now. Come watch Youtubes with us until then! #SPCmovienight
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