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I’m trying to improve my Japanese by replying to everyone whose posts I understand with what I hope is both a grammatically correct and coherent reply. If you got one and can read this, please forgive me if they’re neither. I don’t mean to bother you or anything. My Japanese is just that terrible.

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Leer en papel aumenta la comprensi贸n de los聽textos

Una investigaci贸n de la聽Universidad de Valencia concluye que en Primaria y Secundaria se deber铆a alentar a leer sobre todo en formato impreso. El trabajo, publicado en la revista聽Review of Educational Research, revisa estudios realizados entre los a帽os 2000 y 2022. El grupo de investigaci贸n聽Estructura de Investigaci贸n Interdisciplinar de Lectura聽(ERI) de la Universidad de Valencia (UV) sugiere que la聽lectura por ocio鈥

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Anarchist, anthropologist, and author David Graeber was born on February 12, 1961.

Explore the David Graeber Memorial Lectures hosted by CIIS Anthropology and Social Change

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S茅 que por aqu铆 no hay mucha gente de #soria pero tambi茅n sirve por si hay alguien que d茅 clases de alem谩n y que quiera cambiar de vida y mudarse a Soria.

En la Escuela oficial de Idiomas buscan "desesperadamente" alguien para trabajar a jornada completa dando clases de alem谩n.

Visto en TW:

#trabajo #Soria #alem谩n

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I am not myself free or human until or unless I recognize the freedom and humanity of all my fellowmen.
-- Mikhail Bakunin

#anarchism #quote #bot

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David del Alamo & I have spent the last 18 months putting our combined experience in scientific editing, education & funding into this baby. We've been running workshops since last January & now we've launched our site 馃憞

I wonder why he didn’t try Codeberg instead of going back to GitLab and GitHub. Sad news anyway.

Christian Tietze  
Protesilaos Stavrou: "I no longer maintain my Emacs projects on SourceHut" It's not a...
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I am still looki g for top notch programmers and data scientists to hire for 100% remote. Hit me up. Open source contributors get top consideration.

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Charles Dickens ya se mof贸 de la cultura woke (escribi贸 una 'Cenicienta' pol铆ticamente correcta)

El escritor se quej贸 de los intentos por modificar los cuentos infantiles en un art铆culo de 1853, recogido en una recopilaci贸n de sus escritos period铆sticos que ahora publica Gatopardo bajo el t铆tulo 'Pasiones p煤blicas, emociones privadas'

Leer m谩s en El Confidencial

#libros #books #Booktodon #Bookstodon #literaverso #literatura

One day, we will all be just pictures on a phone.

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Luis Mart铆n-Santos, el psiquiatra rojo que cambi贸 para siempre la literatura espa帽ola: "Es nuestro Joyce"

Este 21 de enero se cumplen 60 a帽os de la muerte en un accidente de coche del autor de 'Tiempo de silencio'

Leer m谩s en El Mundo

#libros #books #Booktodon #Bookstodon #literaverso #literatura

Usenet was much better than forums. Forums are the Slacks and Discords of the people who used newsgroups.

Joan Westenberg  
It's time to ditch the chaos of Slack and Discord communities and make a return to the organised, focused world of forums. They aren't obsolete. ...
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Just remind me again, who is winning the "War on the motorist"?
This is just one zebra crossing in Bradford, but the "war" is on every street...


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En Alemania creen que mirar para otro lado con el genocidio palestino es haber aprendido una lecci贸n. No se dan cuenta de que, en realidad, es REINCIDIR.

First World problems:

Claes de Vreese 鈽戯笍  
World Economic Forum study identifies mis/disinformation as the most severe global risk in the next 2 years. #AI #misinformation #journalism http...
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Most of the innovation under capitalism is about a minority of the population devising new ways of capturing the value created by the majority. :blobthink:

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Watch with us today at 20:00 UTC

The Killing (1956)

English with English subtitle

Crook Johnny Clay assembles a five-man team to plan and execute a daring racetrack robbery.


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Hopelessness isn鈥檛 natural. It needs to be produced. If we really want to understand this situa- tion, we have to begin by understanding that the last thirty years have seen the construction of a vast bureaucratic apparatus for the creation and maintenance of hopelessness, a kind of giant machine that is designed, first and foremost, to destroy any sense of possible alternative futures.

To be honest, I wouldn’t want to invest in a country that has a tendency to shut its borders for years, or even centuries, for the darndest reasons. Call me weird, but I don’t find that trustworthy, business- or otherwise.

Some of the places I stayed in when I was there years ago were forced to close due to the pandemic. 璧︺仜銇亜.

The Japan Times  
Tokyo鈥檚 reemergence as a investment destination was one of the more surprising trends of last year.

I like to repost job offers because I was unemployed for a long time years ago, and I don’t want anyone to have to go through that. Recently, I decided to make a rule of reposting requests for meetups, too, because I know how hard it is to make friends online and I want to make the process as easy and painless as possible for everyone.

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