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I’m trying to improve my Japanese by replying to everyone whose posts I understand with what I hope is both a grammatically correct and coherent reply. If you got one and can read this, please forgive me if they’re neither. I don’t mean to bother you or anything. My Japanese is just that terrible.

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Protip: Whenever you’re faced with two or more possible interpretations of a phenomenon, always choose the funniest.

I just learnt that Switter shut down earlier this year. Very sad news. Really nice people over there. (And yes, I knew they were sex workers, but still they were cool and I miss them.)

«Invertir en defensa es invertir en la paz», ha dicho Margarita Robles hace un rato en ARV. Luego añadió: «Y la libertad es esclavitud».

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My vacuum cleaner stopped working yesterday,
I put an Apple sticker on it. Now it sucks again.

One thing I’ve learned through the years is not to give life advice to anyone. Even in the rare cases when they take it kindly (as it was intended), they will not follow it. Everybody needs to learn by themselves. It’s sad to see, but also for the best.

I miss having real conversations with real people on the Internet, as opposed to just trying to be funny to strangers/lift their spirits.

TIL that Julian Assange appears prominently in the netbsd collection of the fortune program. I mean, given how old fortune is, that means he was well known in the community long before Wikileaks.

To clarify: I already knew he had a life before Wikileaks (he helped crack down a paedophile ring in the early 90s, for instance), but I always assumed his activities were more underground, so to speak.

Now that I think about it, some of them were talking about MFM, but my point still stands, and it is that I’m unable to keep up with all these acronyms.

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What are those MRFs all the cool kids are talking about these days? The disambiguation page at Wikipedia isn’t helpful.

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Where is my Common Lisp implementation of Algorithm 3.1K when I need it?

I guess it’s time for my seasonal follow cleanup.

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Lately I’‘ve been drafting a lot of responses and subtoots strongly disagreeing with people on many issues. I tell myself while I’m writing that I don’t give a fuck about their reaction, but then I always end up deleting the post, because, let’s face it, I want to make friends.

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You have ideas for #PeerTube?
You know what could be improved, changed or added?

Please share them on our user-friendly feedback tool.

This will help us build our next roadmap and show contributors what the community wants


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You don’t need to fav everything I say, especially if you reply to it. I assume you at least read it. And if you didn’t, that’s none of my business. You’re free to do with my replies whatever you see fit.

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Los jóvenes deberían hacer caso a los viejos, que tenemos la sabiduría de la experiencia, la paciencia y la reflexión, y prenderle fuego a todo cuanto antes.

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