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I’m trying to improve my Japanese by replying to everyone whose posts I understand with what I hope is both a grammatically correct and coherent reply. If you got one and can read this, please forgive me if they’re neither. I don’t mean to bother you or anything. My Japanese is just that terrible.

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La tontería de llenar las paradas de bus de MEGA pantallas para publicidad, venga a gastar energía con tonterías ⚡🤦‍♂️

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En un inesperado giro de los acontecimientos, la grada del Bernabéu ha dedicado un minuto de aplausos a Vinicius Jr. por los ataques racistas en Mestalla y posteriormente ha cantado "Vallecanos, yonkis y gitanos" a los jugadores y aficionados del Rayo.

Nadie lo vio venir.

O sí.

Dang! Someone had come up with the same idea in the comments.

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It’s trickle-up economics.

William Gibson Bot  
RT @Buddyhead : I’m not great at math but I’m starting to connect the dots here
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Oh wow, Stalker and Solaris are just on Youtube for free, officially uploaded by Mosfilm, the original production company. They've got a bunch of other Soviet films up there too.

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Time for the formal #GetFediHired post!

I have varied developer experience going back to the 90s. Front, back, apps, engines. I've spent a lot of time on game design tools -- game languages and VMs and interpreters.

If you want to build a toolset for your users to go creatively wild, we should talk. Doesn't have to be games.

(I recently spent a couple years building a narrative/dialogue engine for a multiplayer game, but a big layoff hit. Now I'm looking again.)



If these people weren’t blocking 80% of the Fediverse, maybe they would find out about emoji reactions and realise why likes fucking suck.

Likes are meaningless by themselves. “Oh, so you’ve read what I wrote? Well, I assumed as much, given that I had just mentioned you in my post.”

In my opinion, these people are addicted to the dopamine rush, which is precisely why I ask people NOT to like my posts. If you really, really liked it, leave a comment. That way a real connection can be established between us, which is the point of a social network. And if you think it might be of interest to others, boost it. But likes? They make no sense.

Sarah Burstein  
Don't listen to anyone who says "likes don't matter" on here. Yes, it's true that there's no algorithm for them to feed. But letting people you kn...

More spam from coming up! Can we finally silence them permanently, please, @freemo?

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En CAD estamos buscando nueva gente! Necesitamos desarroladorxs junior, y tecnicxs de infraestructura junior y senior!

Si parece interesante, contactanos!

Para mas informacion sobre los roles:

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So, spams the whole Fediverse and that’s not a clear basis for adding them to ?

I just discovered the work of Brain Games ( and I’m speechless. They all look astonishing!

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A partir de esta noche y hasta llegar al objetivo de los 150€ la TOTALIDAD de las donaciones que se registren en mi canal de Twitch irán destinadas a la #MSXdev2023

Obviamente, de no alcanzar el objetivo, lo donado hasta la fecha tendrá el mismo destino.

#MSXdev2023 #msx #retrogaming #retrocomputing #retrogames

Please, tell that to my boss.

Nicolas Martyanoff  
The reason you want to cut code lines at 80 columns is not to blindly respect an old tradition, it is to improve readability. This is a well known ...

@volkerdi No Modula-2 in the latest gcc in -current? I was hoping it would be included.

What about libgccjit? I do have a SlackBuild for that if you need it. Emacs users would surely appreciate it. I know I would.

Pues no tengo ni idea, pero Buckaroo Banzai dijo: “Dondequiera que vayas, ahí estás”, que es casi tan maravilloso como el “Si es que hay gente pa tó” de El Gallo.

No importa a dónde corras, acabas encontrándote contigo mismo. quien dijo esta frase????

Not a very satisfying answer, to be honest. “Well, is it illegal? Absolutely! And we’ve known about it for a while now. Have we done anything at all about it, even if it’s just suing Qualcomm on behalf of our userbase or, at the very least, warning them before they buy from us? Why would we do that? Anyway, we’re still weighing our options, but we probably won’t do shit.”

Come, @gael, be real.

In a blog article that made some buzz, concerns have raised about personal data collection in some Qualcomm chipsets used in popular smartphones ...
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I don't remember all the people on SPC/Fedi that make original music but get in contacvt with me because we're making a fedi radio and will play your stuff and promote you
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