I’ve been using @privacybrowser for PC and I have to admit that I find it really hard to get used to its Lynx-inspired style of page navigation. I hate jumping from link to link when using the cursor keys. (Or falling off of a textarea element when editing a post, like it happened to me just now.)

Other than that it’s pretty cool.

@josemanuel I think what I will do is make it a configurable option. You can add any comments at .

@privacybrowser By the way, I wanted to clone its git repository, but couldn’t figure out the right URL. Can you share it? (It’s ok if you don’t want to for whatever reason.)

@privacybrowser Thanks! That was much easier than I made it out to be.

@privacybrowser Oh, another issue I found: copying link URLs doesn’t work if you try to paste them on console with shift+insert. Again, you need to use the mouse for that.

@josemanuel That sounds like some issue with your console, not with Privacy Browser (once something is copied to the clipboard, Privacy Browser no longer has any control over how other programs use it). In my testing, Ctrl-Shift-V works fine for pasting a link from Privacy Browser in a terminal, which is how I have always pasted in a terminal. I don’t have any experience trying to use Shift-Insert.

@privacybrowser Hi, I was trying to read the content, so a regular scroll would be the way to go, I think. Instead, every time I pushed the down arrow, I moved from one link to the next. On Mastodon’s web UI that gets frustrating fast. Same result if you try to use the space bar, by the way.

For moving through links exclusively I use the tab key in my own developments. I don’t know how other people do it.

The textarea thing was also very frustrating, because there’s no easy way to return to where you were. If you try to move back up, it just selects the whole element and you have to use the mouse if you want to keep editing.

@josemanuel If you move out of a text area, you can move back (which selects all the text) and then press the right-arrow key which deselects the text and places the cursor after the last character.

@josemanuel I can see trying to scroll through a lot of links being annoying. I personally use page up and page down to scroll so I have never encountered that problem.

@privacybrowser Why does the focus move out of the form anyway? I’m supposed to be editing, not navigating. If I wanted to move out of it (to fill another form element, for instance), I’d use the TAB key. I thought that was The Natural Way™.


The question now is, which should be the default state, enabled or disabled?

Set your own preference as default. After all, it’s your program. As long as I’ll have the option to change it, I’ll be happy.

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