New issue of Statistical Thinking News is now out with pointers to several interesting articles: #StatThink #statistics #biostatistics #clinical #sci

[In °C)] Be sure to catch the end of this clever NASA "climate spiral" video showing monthly global temperature changes between 1880 and 2021 #dataviz #boost #climatechange #climate #cop27

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Death threats, racial slurs 

I don't know much about mastodon yet. So I don't know what is technically feasible.

Automatically allowing any new instance to begin unblocked seems like a problem, because the nanoinstances devoted to harassment can set up and then once blocked respawn with new names at will.

I could post some ill-informed suggestions of how to solve that, but I'll leave it to people who actually know things. What can we do?

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The four fundamental twitter user archetypes at the moment. Much of science twitter is the lower left, a rag-tag fleet escaping to a new mythological homeworld.

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I'm Joseph Bulbulia (Joe).

I teach at Victoria University of Wellington.

I serve on the leadership team of the New Zealand Attitudes and Values Study.

I supervise graduate students interested in methods for national-scale .

My substantive research interests are in the psychology of religion, cultural evolution, moral psychology, well-being, and more recently .

Big fan of the framework for .

Not a big fan of and in .

I migrated to because of its nice interface and science community.*

-- Joe

*Also, I think I can write things like

\[E(Y^1) - E(Y^0) \neq 0\]

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