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I made Bo. Bo is a Digital pet fly on Commodore 64 and in this video, I put Bo in several different situations and adventures.

The idea behind this video is to show how small tweaks of the same result in a different output.

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When you're so into that VIC20 synthetizer that you crash the animations and go straight into playing BASIC

f(x,y) = (((~(x + x)) * ((y * x) & (x - y))) ^ ((~(x | y)) - ((19 / x) + (y + x)))) % 9

Extent: 512x512 (scaled x1)

"Onebit" colouring scheme.

A little bit more into the game's development, now we have some characters on the playground, enemy AI works, collecting something works, I do not know yet what, but something... 🤔 😎

That was fast! The keycaps I ordered from wasdkeyboards arrived today and now my ZX81+38 has a complete keyboard with the full set of ZX81 glyphs, keywords, and symbols.

#zx81 #zx81plus38 #hardware #projects #keycaps

f(x,y) = (-(((y * 1) - (x / y)) % ((~y) | (20 & x)))) % 9

Extent: 128x128 (scaled x4)

"Onebit" colouring scheme.

Hanging at a neighborhood grocery's upstairs cafe, doing software development like it's 1983.


I put together a short video about #Commodore #c64 serial number S00001450: the 450th c64 to ever roll off the assembly line. It's a little look inside and out plus a short demo of it working. That's right - all original chips and it's still working!


f(x,y) = (((~(x + x)) ^ ((-y) % (x ^ x))) * ((-(22 & y)) - ((x & 5) & (~y)))) % 12

Extent: 128x128 (scaled x4)

"Onebit" colouring scheme.


The ARM processor ( 1st working in 1985 ) was made available as a 2nd processor for the BBC Micro in 1986 - both created by Acorn Computers. The ARM Evaluation system featured 2/4MByte of RAM and an 4MHz ARM 1 CPU. This cost a whopping £4,500+VAT excluding the BBC Micro!


Well that’s freaky, it looks like Apple have put floppy drive support back into MacOS. #retrocomputing #xp

The snake? "Pai*thn"
The comedy troupe? "Pai*thn"
The programming language? "Pai*thoOoOn"

Why?! That's so f*ing annoying.... it sounds wrong every single time I hear someone say it...

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36 years ago today the #Amiga was released. 32 years ago this month my late father made this Amiga/Monitor stand for a teenage me.

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