I find it amusing that niche works that only a handful of people know and enjoy (the not "mainstream") are one of the best in delivering quality in their execution.

For example, there's this battle theme in a bullet hell game that really packs a punch.


Yeah... an incident like now with Facebook Messenger is bound to happen sooner or later since it's "free".

that the 69th element of the Periodic Table of Elements is Thulium. It sounds like it isn't real, but it is. Found out after searching for elements that start with the letter T.

BTW, the other elements are #22, #43, #50, #52, #65, #74, #81, and #90.


it's 3am but it's actually 4am and we're doing by self-hosting a @CouchDB instance on @flydotio for realtime with my @obsdmd files

yeah... Am I taking my note-taking setup too far?


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