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I'm Serra. I like to program and read research, despite being bad at both. My attempts at Mastodon so far in the past were trying to be like popular, cute, funny trans people, and well, I'm really only one of those. I don't particularly agree with some of the political choices of, but I've decided to just fucking mellow out about my politics, and I'm definitely drawn to the overall purpose of the instance. Pronouns I accept are at, and if you wanna make my smile, feel free to mix and match.

Broke: You said "literally" when you meant "figuratively".

Woke: People have been using "literally" to mean "very" for centuries.

Bespoke: Counter-misusing "figuratively".

"I figuratively just ate three burritos."

For todays I'm going to do something a bit different. We have a lot of new users, one of the biggest surges we have seen in a while. As such a lot of new users are looking for high quality, long-standing, accounts to follow. Similarly many of the new users need some help getting attention and making new friends.

As such I am going to do this in a few parts. One for old users I have mentioned in previous posts, as well as some of the new users who have been making quality posts and been active for at least a week now. Hopefully this will be more helpful.

Also a section for some bots might be useful.

I will use a persons profile description here as I dont want to misrepresent anyone.

:awesome_slide_r: New Mentions :awesome_slide_l:

@design_RG - Books, Bicycles & Cats, Life is Good. Books, . Bikes, sport ones. Cats, any colour or size. with Virgo rising. House of Ravenclaw.

@Karthikdeva - Always a Student, Nano-Technologist, Bookworm?, and basically I don't know anything, so I might be asking some agonizing questions.

@_lunawinters - Just a human , living on a rock called Earth, floating in a giant space.

@VidyaKrishnan - Independent journalist, S. Asia


@yantrajaal - Engineer by education, teacher by profession, programmer by passion and imagineer by intention

@susi123 - வாசிப்பையும்

@Full_marx - I am a मस्त डॉन on Mastadon. I wish to build something that can be of good use to as many people as possible. Social Sciences: Propaganda Science, Social Engineering, Behavioural Science, Advertising STEM: Human-Computer Interaction Design, Web Dev, Cyber Security Noob. Multimedia: Motion Graphics, Video Production, Electronic Music Production, Abstract Film, Writing Politics: Left, Right and Center. Whichever ideology leaves the people with the most amount of Dignity, sign me up for that one.

@raining_night - I love women, food, thriller/sci-fi/slasher movies and series, astro physics, superbikes, nature and animals ❤️ not in any specific order Trying out Veganism.

@shibaprasad - Master's student. Football Fan.

@ppmanik - Believe in free speech and data privacy. Interested in physics and science in general and future of Semiconductors and related devices in particular.

:kaboom: Old mentions :kaboom:

@jump_spider - <> programming autodidact and polyglot <> meditation enthusiast

@chris - Developer focusing on , and the . Also a speaker, teacher, blogger, and pilot doing my best to make the world a better place.

@SecondJon - I'm interested in being just not civil, but excellent in interacting with others of different viewpoints in an online world where we can so viciously defend our echo chambers and be so dismissive of other perspectives. I rarely log onto the bird site of FB anymore because the interactions are unproductive about anything meaningful. I'm a , , , , Unaffiliated , Software , , Reader of paper , Card and BoardGamer, drinker, solving problems for co-workers and partners primarily with and integrating with the /SFDC platform.

@sandfox - and developer

@cwebber - User freedom activist, ActivityPub co-editor, parenthesis enthusiast, occasional artist.

@whirli -

@pschwede -

@Rovine - Born in Hong Kong, lived in Australia, working holiday in UK.

@Absinthe - The green faerie


@ae -

@metapsyche - I am a cloud of vapor. Fragmenting into ever smaller pieces to explore ever widening spaces. Web Developer by day, Pattern Hunter at night. Thinker and Tinkerer on weekends. :)

@imvectech - RESEARCH ° COOPERATE ° MONITOR ° ADAPT. Developing and teaching to implement DITO techniques for human survival between knowledge and fate.

@canonicalbrud - ; husband and father; ; tinkerer; Stephen fan, i.e. proponent of (re-)introducing and into and thus heal the modern rifts between , , and the natural /s.

@david - Value people over code. I manage WordPress Maintenance On the Internet, everyone knows I'm a dog. Follows are open both ways for me if you're nice and cool!

@Algot - Words are my friends.

@Curator - Curator of art from the instance

@Erik - Privacy, plants & politics Student CybSec @ :utwente:

:doge: Bots :doge:


@arxiv_eess - Electrical Engineering





I decided to migrate to writefreely instead of plume; I just like the minimal approach better


Here's the book I mentioned above, and it's a great read. "Codes, Cyphers and Secret Languages", by Fred B. Wrixon.

Some really low price used copies on Alibris in USA, if anyone wants one.


Swami Vivekananda was a representative of Neo-Vedanta Philosophy.

He effectively fused Nationalism and Religion for the upliftment of poor people and to rescue them from oppression by the rich. He endorsed the sciences, leading to Tata creating the Indian Institute of science. He was a force for the propogation of Hinduism in the western Hemisphere.

He was against Untouchability, but wasn’t against the caste system. For him the caste system was one where an individual is not born into a caste but is assigned a caste based on his gunas (actions).

So someone with a lower caste parentage could work upto a higher caste and a Brahmin child could grow up to fall through the ranks of caste.

His views were that - Caste was an early social system. But its complexity led to its failure and abuse.

The teaching of Swami Vivekanada are quite complex. The complexity is evident in the way the students of treated an uninaugrated statue of Swami Vivekananda.

The thing about JNU students is that they are quite daft. They do not understand the concept of abstract thought let alone Neo-Vedanta Philosophy.

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.

It is high time we renamed the college

Quick video from explaining new CSS properties for styling underlines!

Quick video from explaining new CSS properties for styling underlines!

Wow!!! This "Write your Warning here" feature is so cool! Please excuse my excitement,i am new here:)

Imagine someone saying that Taj Mahal is the birthplace of Adam. Then all Angels fly and destroy Taj Mahal claiming that underneath the demolished structure we found evidence of apple eaten 'by' Adam and Eve.
After years of 'legal' battle between Adam clan (aka) angels and Taj Mahal curators the government says that the land belongs to Angels and they can grow as many apple trees they want.

Mee too
I am just a random guy who is into , and basically anything related to our mind.

I am also interested to talk about , physics and other science stuff

Why am i here ?

Cause i am in love with the concept of decentralized social network

Follow me if you any of the above stuff excites you too, so that i can follow you back.

Thank you


I am willing to pay cold, hard, FIAT cash to someone willing and able to port

to golang (that compiles/works on mips64 as a single, static binary -- if that matters. which it probably will)

how much? YOU TELL ME (and let me know why you're a great fit for this task). I am willing and able to pay a premium because this is something far more useful to me in two weeks than two months.

boosts very much appreciated.

Omg y’all, FastMail is such a goddamn champion.

I went in to change my email (my old one has my deadname) and it immediately explained to me before I nervously pushed the button that this was no problem, the system would take care of this for me, an alias was created to catch old mail, it updated all my _other_ aliases for me, all I had to do was log in again with my new email address.

This is the kind of UX that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

"According to his model, consciousness is not something that emerges from the brain. Instead, it creates links within the brain."

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