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A for you with,

A scared judiciary

A sold out Media

A confused citizenry

A distracted youth population

A communalised civil society

A politicized religious circle

A fearful Private Sector

A Saffronised education system

It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing.
It doesn’t matter what your gender is.
It doesn’t matter what side of the conflict you’re on.
It doesn’t matter who your family are.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a soldier or a civilian.

Sexual violence is a crime.

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New details from an RTI enquiry have revealed that it was at PM Modi's behest that the Electoral Bonds Scheme was not presented to Opposition Parties or the public for scrutiny & recommendations.


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We are all one and together , watch our 162 together for the first time at grand Hyatt at 7 pm , come and watch yourself @maha_governor

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Nearly 30% of the total anonymous electoral bonds - of which 95%+ went to BJP - were issued from Mumbai.

No wonder why presidential rule in Maharashtra was revoked at 5:47AM for BJP to wrest the power in the state through backdoor in complete violation of constitutional norms

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There is nothing 'masterful' in what the BJP has done in Maharashtra. It is dubious, it is illegal & it is insulting to our democracy & our Constitution.

The sooner certain sections of the media understand this, the sooner our democracy will be saved.

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The only time Capt. Holt ever approved of a prank.

Watch @nbcbrooklyn99, weeknights at 9.

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अमर सिंह भी सोचता होगा कि मेरे दौर में मीडिया का ये माहौल रहता तो दुनिया मुझे दलाल नहीं, चाणक्य कहती।

Each second, 1.5 million tons of solar material shoot off the Sun into space. The magnetosphere shields Earth, but the solar wind can get in near the poles and disrupt satellite, radio & GPS signals. 3 new missions aim to improve this technology problem: go.nasa.gov/2D7pIfZ

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टीवी दिखा रहा है कि भाजपा महाराष्ट्र में संस्थाओं, संविधान को ठेंगा दिखाते हुए कर्नाटक का खेल फिर से दोहराना चाह रही है।

महाराष्ट्र में 12000 किसानों ने आत्महत्या कर ली। उनके लिए भाजपा सरकार की जेब से तो मदद नहीं निकली।

क्या हम जनादेश के खुले अपहरण के दौर में पहुँच चुके हैं?

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Do Indian aunties share the same reaction when it comes to marriage?

| Tuesdays at 10 PM!

@TheTweetOfGod Corinthians 16:20 - All the brethren greet you. Greet ye one another with an holy kiss.

God 11/24: 'Tsup

Heliogen, an energy startup backed by Bill Gates, says it has created a carbon-free solar oven that can be used to produce the extreme heat required to make cement, steel, glass and other industrial processes cnn.it/2QO7WGG

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It's been 32 years since the world pledged to fix the ozone layer. And it worked wef.ch/2AoXiNc ,

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