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"This means that the presence of liquid water on a planet, which is often used as a habitability criterion, does not directly imply that it has life."

This Kansas hospital dressed newborns up as Olaf, Anna and Elsa to mark the release of Disney's "Frozen 2"

This is a masterstroke by @AmitShah
71/80 falls short of this. He is definitely the modern day Chankaya.

..years from now, getting the dream job, having/adopting kids and pets, travelling around the world. Life is an amazing journey and people are just a part of this journey, not the entire journey in itself.

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Wow! Just had a realization. I've lost so many people in so many years. Close friends who aren't even facebook friends now, love interests gone down the gutter, friends you couldn't miss to share even a tiny detail. And still I wake up everyday and think of what I'll be doing

@freemo Thanks for the welcome Dr. Freemo. I'm new to mastodon and this already seems like a better space on the internet.

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Interesting fact of the day: despite the moon only being 1/4th the diameter of the earth it is a whole 1/80th the mass! But in terms of volume it is 1/50th the volume.

People don't realize how the relationship between diameter and volume is non linear. So it creates these very unexpected differences, especially at large scales.

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