Does anyone use GNU on Linux? Every time I switch workspaces it keeps hoisting itself on top of the other programs I have running - I would love to learn how to disable this behaviour.

@khird nothing like that happening on xfce. I think you should enable focus stealing prevention in your DE.
For cinnamon, I think `dconf write /org/cinnamon/prevent-focus-stealing true` will do it.


@r1k Thanks! Unfortunately this option, while it still exists in Cinnamon, is marked [unused] and, as that marking would suggest, has no effect.

I also think this is a problem that should be solved by conforming Octave to Cinnamon rather than the other way around. Globally blocking focus stealing isn't really desirable - if I double-click on a file, I want the application that opens it to take focus, regardless of whether or not it's already running. Octave in particular just steals focus in a very specific and inappropriate circumstance: when I switch over to its workspace.

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