Looks like we are getting a lot of former Twitter users today - I hope you enjoy exploring QOTO and the rest of the Fediverse! Our rules are at and you will be expected to abide by them. Be aware that our rules are not the same as Twitter's, and other instances on the Fediverse will have different rules that their users are expected to follow.

If you're considering reporting a foreign user (i.e. from an instance other than QOTO), please take a minute to read that instance's rules. There's no point in filing reports over conduct that the foreign instance doesn't prohibit. You can block the user or his whole instance yourself, but QOTO won't intervene except where the offending user is evading your blocks e.g. by setting up alts to contact you.

If you think the user's conduct *does* violate his instance's rules, make sure you tick the little box to forward a copy of the report to the foreign moderators. They might hand down some kind of punishment to him if they agree with you. But in either case, no punishment will come to him from QOTO's team.

I'll do my best to answer questions if you tag me.

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