Here's a trick for blades. Volvo, in its wisdom, decided to invent a new nonstandard attachment style, which means that cheap blades you get at retail can't be mounted. However, you can make it work in a pinch if you don't feel like paying fifty dollars for new high-end ones.

1. Buy some cheap truss-style wiper blades and remove the rubber piece from the metal frame holding it. It's easiest to pull it out starting at the barbed end. Discard the flexible metal strips embedded in the groove on each side.
2. If the groove doesn't go all the way to both ends, get a sharp knife and carefully extend it. Be sure not to cut all the way through!
3. Cut the rubber edge completely away from the metal beam on the original Volvo blades. The top lip is actually an extension of the rubber edge, so this will come away too, leaving a thin gap along the length of the beam.
4. Squeeze the beam in the middle to disengage the clips holding the plastic mount to the metal rails, and remove the plastic mount. With the mount removed, you can now move the rails independently to make the gap between them wider.
5. Thread the new rubber blade into the gap such that the metal rails fit into the grooves from which you removed the flexible strips earlier. Make sure the blade goes firmly all the way into each end cap, then work inwards to seat the rubber onto the metal.
6. Snap the mount back onto the metal rails. There is a small plastic stub which fits into a corresponding notch in each rail to make sure the mount is positioned correctly, and a clip at each corner to hold it on. Make sure all are engaged correctly.

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