Our favourite non-alcoholic beers @realcaseyrollins

Coconut on the left is my gf's, oatmeal on the right is mine

Frick I was tryna remember what you'd recommended to me! I thought it was #Brewdog but I was like "eh maybe later" and then bought some different flavors of #AthleticBrewingCompany again

@realcaseyrollins yeah this is the stuff. There's also a seasonal "breakfast" dark which I aim to try this winter if I can get my hands on it.

Brewdog isn't bad but they definitely cater to people who prefer hops over malt. The most recent variety pack I got from them consists of:
- Nanny State, a "hoppy ale";
- Punk AF, an IPA;
- Hazy AF, a hazy IPA; and
- Elvis AF, a grapefruit IPA.
They offer a decent coffee stout by the name of Wake Up Call but they don't really promote it and it's not easy to find.

Which Athletic flavours do you prefer?

@khird @realcaseyrollins my wife n I love non-alcoholic beers - some good spots apparently in nyc bringing it out

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