Anyone with a recommendation for a ? I've been considering getting one and just completed my self-imposed two-month test run with a disposable Pilot Varsity with satisfactory results. Here's what I'm looking for:

Something fairly slim, say 11mm barrel or less
Vacuum/plunger fill, piston would be a reasonable alternative
Flexible nib would be a plus

So far I think my best option might be a used Conklin Nozac Vest Pocket or perhaps a Sheaffer Balance Slender. I don't mind a little DIY effort, but if it'd take expensive specialised tools to maintain an old pen, then maybe I'm better off looking at newer models. What can the Fediverse recommend?

@khird You should probably stick with a new pen. Vintage pens require upkeep and if you don't know what you're looking for, you can wind up with a very expensive repair. Vintage Conklins can be very expensive. Go with Lamy, Pilot, Monteverdi, Opus, etc. They don't generally have flex but you can get the nibs in a variety of widths and styles and they write beautifully.


@Bee Ah, thanks. Any ideas what models of those I ought to be considering? I'll note that TWSBI also offers a number of attractively-priced vacuum/plunger and piston fill pens, but they're quite wide for my liking.

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