Today Firefox has started having a weird cursor-displacement issue, wondering if anyone can shed some light on it.

Whenever I open a popup menu, the arrow stays where I left it, but the cursor coordinates (i.e. what option gets highlighted and what registers a click) reset to the top left corner. So if I right-click and slide the arrow onto the menu, I'm actually clicking on things like my back and refresh buttons (the same distance down and to the right of the top left corner as the arrow is from the point where I right-clicked to open the menu). For nested submenus (e.g. folders in the Bookmarks menu) the process repeats for every level of popup. However, this only applies to the browser chrome; links on the webpage highlight according to the actual position of the arrow.

The problem doesn't occur until some time (maybe ten minutes to half an hour, I haven't really measured) after browser startup, and resets when I open a new window - temporarily fixing the problem in the original window, too.

I'm flummoxed; search turned up a lot of stuff about people who accidentally turn on caret browsing, but that doesn't really seem to explain these symptoms. Browser version is 64-bit 117.0.1 on Arch. Any suggestions appreciated!

@yoasif I ran updates after I first noticed the problem, rebooted, and the problem recurred some time later. Firefox was not among the packages that received an update.

@khird Does rolling back Firefox work around the issue? I'd recommend mozregression to test this:

@yoasif I might give that a try, but (a) it's probably going to be slow since I don't seem to be able to trigger the problem quickly, and (b) I've been using this version of Firefox for two or three weeks without issue, so I'm not convinced the problem is due to a change in the code rather than some setting got corrupted or something.

@khird You can try a new profile if you think it is a setting issue. See about:profiles to create and launch new ones.

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