@DenOfEarth @manu @pluralistic I heard a story once about a British expat living in the Caribbean. He had arranged for his club in London to phone him with a morning alarm call. A friend heard of this arrangement and asked him, "Isn't that rather expensive?". "Oh, I never pick up the phone" was his answer.

@angst_ridden We are requiring testing for Xmas - a small gathering of just three in-laws, plus us two. Inlaws include an 89-year-old and a 92-year-old. I'm dreading having to give them instructions again. They really dislike my "rules" for gathering. I don't back down though. I'd rather be the "overboard" (their thinking) bad guy, than the one that offed them. What they do in their own time, at this point, if they off themselves, it's on them. Do I sound snippy? Yes I am snippy about this. :(

The family tradition of Covid testing en-route just resulted in 36% of the guests for tonight’s Thanksgiving turning around and going home. None are symptomatic. The tests likely saved the lives of the nonagenarians attending. #CovidIsNotOver #covid #thanksgiving

As that time of year approaches…

…my choir app supports in-app YouTube video player for learning new songs

So our unelected head of state has just given a position in Britain's unelected House of Lords to an unelected foreign secretary, on the recommendation of an unelected prime minister.

Thank goodness we took back control from unelected bureaucrats.

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Some retro wisdom for those who exchange gifts on or around the winter solstice…😂😂😂😂
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Cory Doctorow  

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“… while in self-driving mode, using LED screens on the rear windshield to display messages to following cars, and even indicating that its occupant is literally sleeping behind the wheel.”

Surely better to wake driver up than tell everyone behind they’ve nodded off? A true Father Ted moment in automotive design.
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The brutality of this EV crash test was shocking, but both cars passed - Enlarge (credit: Mercedes-Benz) Mercedes-Benz provided flights... - https...

Someone on Mastodon, and I'm fairly sure it was on Wandering Shop, recommended some gloves that really really help with the pain/coldness of Raynaud's disease and similar issues. I thought I had it bookmarked or that I'd bookmarked the link to get the gloves, but can't find it.

Anyone recognise this description and can point me to the right place? Or have similar recs?

It was a while ago, but maybe someone will remember...

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We're getting that fry-day feeling... US Army trials drone-cooking microwave rig - Look, in the sky - it's a, oh, never mind The US Army has taken ...

Just re-released and remastered - Christian track featured in "God In The Flesh" BBC Radio 1 Christmas Day 1993, before Simon Bates and John Peel! Golden Oldie Hour!

Intrigued by these modal socks. So they just pop up on my feet ready to go and I click cancel to take them off?

The Sun today in hydrogen alpha. Processed in natural and inverted chromosphere luminance.

96 cores?? 😅 and those prices…. 😬
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AMD gives 7000-series Threadrippers a frequency bump with Epyc core counts - Workstation CPUs hit 96 cores, high-end desktops get 64. Prices nearly...

“We need climate adaptation and resilience” according to Professor Peter Thorn from Maynooth University on morning

What about tackling climate change?

What about tackling our other current problems?

When was it decided that we should all have to accept a bleak future?

An unintended side effect of Twitter becoming paid is it makes existing accounts more valuable. It may be more convenient for bad actors to purchase hacked accounts rather than make their own. Verified accounts used to face a lot of phishing attacks, but less so now you can just buy verification.

If phishing of regular Twitter accounts does become more common, it's going to absolutely suck for users. Previously, it was near impossible to recover a hacked Twitter account when they actually had a support team. Now, there's absolutely no way they could handle an volume of support requests.

Random person: Hey bob told me you were a programmer?

::sensing someone about to ask me to code something for free::

Me: You mean pragrammer? Yea!

Them: A what?

Me: Me a pragrammer, Its short for Pragmatic Rammer. Its a group of farmers who get together to talk about pragmatic approaches to ram farming.

Them: But you live in the city

Me: Yea its more of side interest than a main thing. Anyway, why do you ask?

Them: Nevermind...

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