Daily Telescope: The initial results from Europe’s Euclid telescope are dazzling - Enlarge / Messier 78 is a nursery of star formation enveloped in a shro... - arstechnica.com/?p=2026897 #dailytelescope #science #space

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Amazon taps Finland’s IQM for its first EU quantum computing service - IQM Garnet, a 20-qubit quantum processing unit (QPU) is now available via Am...

A Pro Se plaintiff walking out of federal court, in a lawsuit against one of the most powerful companies in the world, after a motion to dismiss, with EIGHT claims intact, and another SIX claims still possible to add (so, a total of fourteen viable claims), is.... remarkable.

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I sent Apple the first request for production of documents in the US Dept of Labor case (which already went to discovery).

I asked Apple for some very specific things & now, today, Apple's trying to stop discovery.

I created dedicated webpages for Apple's secret silicon fabrication exhausting its toxic gases into thousands of homes. You can read it here: ashleygjovik.com/3250scott.htm

I also created a dedicated page for everyone's favorite Triple Superfund site and the Apple office on-top with a cracked floor & the toxic gases being piped *into* the HVAC. It's here: ashleygjovik.com/825stewart.ht

Mac: I’ll just carry on working with no complaint.

PC: Hold my beer while I work on this scan for the next 9 hours.

Call me ignorant but what is the point of an “on-premises” cloud? Is that the same as a shared personal computer?
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IBM packages its Power cloud into 'pods' that run on-prem - Zero bucks to start but then the meter runs on everything – for years IBM has decided t...

IBM packages its Power cloud into 'pods' that run on-prem - Zero bucks to start but then the meter runs on everything – for years IBM has decided the... - go.theregister.com/feed/www.th

Neuralink’s First User Is ‘Constantly Multitasking’ With His Brain Implant - Noland Arbaugh is the first to get Elon Musk’s brain device. The 30-year-old speaks to WI... - wired.com/story/neuralink-firs #science/biotech #science/health #cyborgtraining #science

Certain people think I’m saying cassettes sound better than CDs. I don’t know why they believe this—I’ve never said that whatsoever.

I am saying that cassettes can sound better than vinyl. And this isn’t theoretical. I can make cassette recordings that sound empirically better than vinyl.

Nevertheless, why would I buy a cassette when CDs sound better? Price.

A new release on cassette is often half the price of the same album on CD. And the thing is, I have the equipment to make cassettes sound pretty darn good.

For those of you interested in recording to cassette, here’s a good overview of the different types:

Ferric oxide (type I)
Chromium oxide (type II)
Metal (type IV)

There is a type III, but it was rarely in use.

This video gives a good summary of how each type sounds. Most people agree that metal (type IV) sounds the best.


The thing about physical media formats is that it doesn’t have to be “superior” for you to want it.

For example, I have a VHS and VCD collection. I know these are inferior formats compared to DVD or Blu-Ray.

But have you ever seen Blade Runner on VHS through a CRT? Have you ever seen Ghost in the Shell on VCD through a projector?

I have, and they’re amazing experiences I would not trade for anything.

Why are people surprised that cassettes are still made?

It should be obvious why they’re still around.

Cassettes are the cheapest form of music media out there. Anyone can buy one blank cassette and start recording. Equipment is cheap: all you need is a boombox.

If you want good analog recording, you can use them on a TEAC Portastudio 4-track machine—and it will sound great.

I went to a music store the other day and saw the same album on vinyl, CD, and cassette. Guess which one I bought?

It was the cassette. It was C$12—thus C$28 cheaper than the vinyl.

Here’s the kicker. If you have a good tape deck, and a quality recording, cassettes can sound better than vinyl. Even a type 1 cassette theoretically has better dynamic range than vinyl.

In Japan, people hire middle-aged men to simply do nothing and be there.

I wonder if that service would take off over here. This could be a new line of work for me.

Time to kill my json-server before I quit VS Code. I never really quit it: it's my go-to for React, JavaScript, HTML/CSS and Python.

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...And drop it on my Netlify manual deploys area. I could just as well sync the project folder to a GitHub repo if I wanted to go serverless. My book site for The Frontend Cookbook is deployed this way. But drag and drop - what could be handier? Netlify also provides FREE OF CHARGE secure server certs through partnering with LetsEncrypt. The domain name for the app, choros.ie, is pointed to Netlify nameservers and configured with its https cert in this way.

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All my Node module projects are kept outside of Mac Documents or Desktop so they don't be forever getting backed up to iCloud with all their Node modules.

TO PUBLISH: I grab the /dist directory...

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