Fascinating military video of a -17 emergency takeoff procedure. Those things are huuuuge!!

A good bird app friend of mine has done a podcast on the she orchestrated for the NHS in the U.K. listen HERE ⬇️

And it’s a great big sláinte mhaith from me as I’ve done the first upload of my choir app ready for tomorrow night’s Mass. Made in React and Vite, with a dash of Tailwind, it does away with the need for endless on-mic rustling of photocopies. Welcome to the 21st century church!

At the Seán Bhearic, Falcarragh just now…

EMOJIS! Straight in to your code!
Fairly late to the table here but I just realised what the little globe on the function button means.

Full disclosure: I’ve been looking up the Unicode table or copying from iMessage.

Some very startling facts and entertaining infographics. Very well done. 🍌 👏
QT: masto.ai/@rbreich/111052618867

Robert Reich  
Since the word ‘socialism’ is apparently so terrifying, let me be clear: Every advanced country on planet earth pools resources for the common good...

v:dw is by far the most useful acronym I've run across recently, much more relevant than tl;dr.

video: didn't watch.

Number 42 is the new Black Mirror ep.
QT: c.im/@purplange/11103536961797

Purplange Party  
@pluralistic The bullet-point->nonsense puffery->bullet-point pipeline is real. Also, these writing contests aren't interesting anymore bec...

Maybe when the computer asks "are you a robot?" it's just trying to find its family. Ever think about that? No, you only think about yourself.

Rob Douglas: we’re raising hawks when we could be raising doves.

And Karine Polwart on a Friday night.

Netflix, warm outside, and code that actually works. Life. Can. Be beautiful.

There’s something quietly lovely about watching someone walk their dog along the beach, then stop, and give their dog a pat, for absolutely no reason at all.

It’s ok to be loving, just coz.

90% of the life with a #dog is following each other wondering what the other one just ate.

Never in my life would I expected a cybersecurity issue (at least not a non-food safety issue) to result in a food recall

Add this to your risk assessments

The fact that 6 out of the 8 top GOP presidential candidates on stage last night in Milwaukee would still vote for and support Donald Trump even if he is a convicted felon, even if found guilty beyond a reason sable doubt by a jury of ordinary red-leaning citizens in his own backyard of Florida, shows you how far the GOP has fallen. It is nothing more than a cult of Trump.

Last rites for the UK's Online Safety Bill, an idea too stupid to notice it's dead - Snoopers Charter: Dead cows don't snitch Opinion  Information wants to be free. This usef... - go.theregister.com/feed/www.th

I couldn't find a good reference diagram of the relationships between types, so a while ago I made one.

Aw c’mon lads this is awesome!!
Just look at those wholesome ingredients!
Rich Dark Cherry

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