Fully restored, but only by manual uploads to Git, not via CLI or Desktop app. Anyone knowledgeable about care to let me pick their brains?

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After having completely wrecked my live book site yesterday demonstrating serverless to training delegates, I'm going through the motions with GitHub Desktop doing a revert. Here's hoping 🤞

Subconscious bias in design? The tab on the right is my new teaching weather app. The left is my wife’s car insurance!

When you’ve been off alcohol for as long as I have, a bar of this is as good as a night out! Delicious!

Fine way to spend a Saturday! Embroiled in the inner machinations of transferring my ftp logins and web server passwords to new MBP. It’s only been about 15 years now that Mrs. L has been telling me to get a little paper book to write logins in. I concede. 🤦🏻‍♂️👩🏻‍💻

Drafting interview questions for my series of for instructional videos. More to come Q3 this year. From the kitchen of the FrontendCookbook.com

My teaching weather app now has geolocation plumbed in too. Pretty pleased.

When Apple tells you off for having too much of a good time. Roll on .

Memory lane. What the iPhone iOS randomly throws at you. Used to hate it. Now love it, kinda. An AI’s idea of your scrapbook life.

Just finished a successful week delivering a mix of JavaScript and Java. Straight outside, in the sun, feet up. Cujo still wearing his Cone Of Shame 🐶🚑

He enjoyed that moment of freedom before today… The Collar Of Shame 🐶 🤕

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I love it when all these types post pics of their flawless minimalist low lit colour coded water cooled mechanical keyboard curved monitor rising desk and Big Mic setups. I’m happy as a pig in proverbial with this. It does the job and leaves me enough desk space for the tea.

They say that lightning never strikes twice... well thanks to the generous free API limit from openweathermap.org/ it can strike up to 1k times a day in my demonstration weather app!

Work. From. Home. It may be past normal office hours but it ain’t no normal office no more😎

Since the cats’ flea treatments they’re allowed in. Guess that’s one more jumper for the wash😂

Thoroughly enjoyed watching The Life Ahead (dir: Edoardo Ponti, 2020)

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