Food selfie 

Seriously into these days. Here’s a protein-packed tasty and nutritious lunch made in 5 mins from leftovers in the fridge.

Friday night: The Strand, Falcarragh. Saturday night: Teac Jack’s, Glassagh. Could get used to this 😊

Cujo finally taking me out on today. I’m guessing there’s a hashtag for it.

#birdapp DOWN 

I have never, in all my mis-spent days, weeks and years on this app seen this…

This morning: SVG graphics and HTML5 geolocation. I like delivering this course (Advanced ) as it gives delegates a chance to build out something reasonably nice-looking.

Oop - up… up… how long till the bird is knocked off its perch? 😂🐥

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Gaining popularity. First time it’s showed up here…😂

Also liking the way I can run the responsive site on my old iOS 12 iPhone 6 and its just as good as the app.

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pretty handy, nice UI/UX, like the categorised aside on the right hand side of the viewport...

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Java datasets for training... just playing with posting from the desktop qoto server and attaching media...

Funny how the available space gets *less* before it gets more… this bin empty freed up well over 7Gb in the end… mucking around with posting video and photo together.

My humble setup for training this week. It was basically designed during first lockdown 2020 and stayed that way.

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