I love it when all these types post pics of their flawless minimalist low lit colour coded water cooled mechanical keyboard curved monitor rising desk and Big Mic setups. I’m happy as a pig in proverbial with this. It does the job and leaves me enough desk space for the tea.

@lavenderlens I'm comfortable in either situation. I'd say to each their own, however I like both :D

@m2m absolutely and I think hybrid is a good fit for many. I miss the water cooler chats and Thursday/Friday drinks after. For me, though, office-based meant a 500 mile commute from Ireland so WFH rocks. I like the occasional on-site to break it up a little and I now travel door to door rather than through my normal place of work which used to be London.

@lavenderlens the chats in my London office happened at the cappuccino machine. Talk about posh stuff ha!

Later, when I and two colleagues left to co-found our agency, chats happened all over the place, but especially on tea breaks, which usually had an hourly cycle...

@m2m we were/are an agency of trainers, so we used to have a training floor and an admin floor. You could have lunch on either, and I would speak to colleagues from both at least every week or thereabouts whereas now I have to have a definite reason for a Teams call and it could be months.

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