Just watched The Wildflower (dir:
Biodun Stephen 2022). Whilst I’m still recovering from such a stark harrowing treatment of a subject as old as time, I thought I’d take a few lines to give praise where praise is due. I think the Nigerian cast and crew should have by now won at least one gong for either writing or performances. Yeah it’s technically flawed. Especially the sound. Which seems like they couldn’t find a gain setting low enough to cope with the explosive motherly wisdom that was Toyin Abraham’s captivating performance. Irony was that possibly the strongest matriarch of the tightly knit ensemble cast met an unfortunate end at the hands of another type of abuse. So sad. And they always say they’re sorry and it’s the last time. Watch this but prepare to be moved. It has light and humour too and is a wonderful window into life in Lagos but by golly is it hard hitting. Literally.

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