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Anyone think I’ll solve my axios error (400) by close of play today? Looking for a friend here😂👨🏻‍💻💥

Eureka moment. Two API subscriptions and 559 combined requests later and I find out that it's cloudy outside. But it beats looking through the window for maintainability.

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The Northern Lights just now from our window in Donegal, Ireland. Shot by my daughter.

You adopt a no-code CMS for a site. You want the client to be able to make their own updates. But there’s a process of letting go. This will always strike terror into my heart.

Web designers are like buses - none around when you want them, then two come along at once...

My training setup for travelling. 👨🏻‍💻✈️ Web development with JavaScript. Back home Saturday ☘️

That white-knuckle feeling when your iCloud doesn't return your desktop folder...

IT News  
Tech Volunteers Rush to Save Turkey’s Earthquake Survivors - Within hours of the disaster, software engineers were rolling out applications to help...

: Completely new site coming soon: from
-test pages on my phone as I drive away from another session with one of the most energising human beings I have ever met.

Ok so it’s my lunchtime. In true work-from-home spirit I’m in for a quick forty winks. Mrs L and I have a conversation about my upcoming flights for work. The phone pings. Then this. gets me every time, it really does. You can’t prove it, but it’s mighty fishy sometimes.

You know, I’m just putting this out there to those of you on Mastodon ☘️, the Dunnes pizzas are incredible. And we are using the home delivery device now: it’s so easy. Here, Cujo has his eye on the last piece. He just ain’t getting it.

Also road testing timely Christmas pressie from the Missus: steel toe cap no fuss deep treaded workman’s wellies and super thick socks. So I’m triple socking it today and I’m toasty warm 😊

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Ah to get out the HOUSE! Here in Donegal we have bad road conditions on high ground, more to come this week apparently. We live halfway up a mountain so this affects us! Plus work is busy, two higher level courses this week: advanced JS Web Development and React. Only in the jump seat for React, not training it myself this run as it overlapped with my other one, but here’s the qoto bit: pair programming, equal ownership of code to learn from each other.

startups (can be annoying noise) 

Time to resurrect a startup? My erstwhile investor-to-be's mission statement:

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