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Why are there not laws prohibiting or sanctioning this callous conduct? Converting people into shares.

Steve Streza  
Facebook/Meta laid off 11,000 people and now is doing 40 BILLION in stock buybacks. None of these companies care about cost cutting, they saw an op...

Another one bites the dust. The withdrawal of free API services will only lead to less diversity of purpose and implementation.

Andy Baio  
Twitter just announced free access to the Twitter API will end on February 9, with unannounced pricing or usage details, effectively killing every ...

Accessibility. Accessibility. Accessibility. Matters. Always spec the alt text image description so that users who use accessibility devices know what it's about.

Latest reactions, thoughts, musings on the - United Federation of Instances. Yes it is relevant, potentially affects all of us, and is kind of like being present at the birth of a star...

Casey Magazine  
No, Fediblock Isn’t Better Than The UFOI

This is your monthly reminder that your instance admin is probably a volunteer paying for this out of his pocket. If you can, make a donation to your Mastodon instance today (we're stronger together)

Watch why Sweden clears cycle and walk ways before roads

For gender equality

And because ‘Three times as many people are injured while walking in icy conditions in Sweden than while driving. And the cost of those injuries far exceeds the cost of snow clearance.’

This is the kinda thing that gets me real excited!

Heard this through Joss Bland-Hawthorn, this article discusses the need to set up a Lunar timescale.

Time, at the moment, is connected to Earth's clocks - even for spacecraft out in far reaches of the Solar System.

Eventually, we are going to need a timescale that works across the whole Solar System universally.

Steps are being considered for the lunar timescale ...

BUT .... IMHO, we need to think bigger ... (see next toot)

#Timing #Moon #Navigation #Astrophysics #Astrodon

non-tech person: I don't trust that tech.

tech user: it's fine, I don't even think about it

tech professional: I absolutely don't trust that tech.

The Roman Aqueduct in Segovia, Spain. An ancient feat of civil engineering, built without mortar almost 2,000 years ago, and in use until the 20th century.
📷: my own.


Ok so it’s my lunchtime. In true work-from-home spirit I’m in for a quick forty winks. Mrs L and I have a conversation about my upcoming flights for work. The phone pings. Then this. gets me every time, it really does. You can’t prove it, but it’s mighty fishy sometimes.

You know, I’m just putting this out there to those of you on Mastodon ☘️, the Dunnes pizzas are incredible. And we are using the home delivery device now: it’s so easy. Here, Cujo has his eye on the last piece. He just ain’t getting it.

Also road testing timely Christmas pressie from the Missus: steel toe cap no fuss deep treaded workman’s wellies and super thick socks. So I’m triple socking it today and I’m toasty warm 😊

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Ah to get out the HOUSE! Here in Donegal we have bad road conditions on high ground, more to come this week apparently. We live halfway up a mountain so this affects us! Plus work is busy, two higher level courses this week: advanced JS Web Development and React. Only in the jump seat for React, not training it myself this run as it overlapped with my other one, but here’s the qoto bit: pair programming, equal ownership of code to learn from each other.

startups (can be annoying noise) 

Time to resurrect a startup? My erstwhile investor-to-be's mission statement:

Pokhara Air Accident 

A quick cursory search for Pokhara *International* Airport reveals that it opened for business on New Year’s Day and is too new to have a IATA code yet. (Anyone want to fact check me on this?) Stalling on finals, VFR approach on a fine day? I’m going to speculate, which I know I shouldn’t hence the CW. The pilots weren’t practiced enough in the approach. We’ll see in time if my amateur opinion is right. For all their sakes’ I hope not. 🙏

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