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An introduction:

I live in a small town in the Canadian prairie with my wife and four kids.

I work from home as the IT sysadmin for a private school board that serves 4000+ students in three shared responsibility schools as well as traditional home ed. throughout Alberta.

I am of primarily Dutch descent en ik kan een beetje Nederlands spreken.

I spend my spare time with strange liquids: photo chemicals, beer, and kombucha.

If you're a fan of space and science and history, today's a good day to watch "Hidden Figures".

The movie can get a bit preachy at times, but quite frankly, after what those women went though, they deserve to preach a bit.

I don’t get the point of mixed alcoholic drinks that are tasty without the addition of alcohol

Considering "up" means nothing in space, you'd think NASA's logo would be less ambiguiously orentiedβ€”or should I say VSVN's logo?

My "technology" abilities seem to have always "wowed" my parents but the current thing that seems to impress them the most is my use of Shortcuts on iOS.

Recent example: I have one that checks the weather at noon and tells me if conditions are favourable for a little lunch-hour bike ride.

The classic trope of…

1. Person keeps a physical journal of their deepest personal thoughts
2. Person has problem
3. Person's loved one finds the journal, learns what's going on, and helps to bring about a stronger relationship

…makes me want to start a journal

For once, a "Dutch ____" idiom that isn't negative.

"Dutch roll" apparently comes from the way a Dutch skater going down a canal might look.

There is no overlap in the Venn diagram of people who say "on route" to mean "en route" and people who are my friends.

Apple Intelligence still can't fix my email. Sort, prioritize and manage.
Nope, still the same old tabs filtering.

The social convention to not discuss politics or religion has been a disaster for the human race.

There seems to be a weirdly-great amount of people who think that because one is being paid hourly that they deserve pay for every moment they're doing something for their employer

Not perfect by any means but this is the most complete and realistic discussion of an alternative for copyright that I've seen

One of my favourite things is when Americans who have very little exposure to English culture complain about the one English person they have experience with as if that person is deficient, when it’s actually just classic English mannerisms

Don't know about you but I always assume a story is fiction until shown otherwise.

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