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An introduction:

I live in a small town in the Canadian prairie with my wife and four kids.

I work from home as the IT sysadmin for a private school board that serves 4000+ students in three shared responsibility schools as well as traditional home ed. throughout Alberta.

I am of primarily Dutch descent en ik kan een beetje Nederlands spreken.

I spend my spare time with strange liquids: photo chemicals, beer, and kombucha.

I attempted to plot a bunch of types of cameras on a cartesian plane of fashion coolness vs photography coolness.

Any changes or additions I should make?

Maybe 8 years ago, I thought I should make a spreadsheet to keep things I want to share (with individuals or on social media, for example) so that I don't share too many things too quickly.

I included a timer so that, if I didn't add anything new, I'd have a year worth of sharable content and thus never appear to drop off the map.

Well today I have hit 365 things to share. Congrats to me?

@levisan if β‰  isn't easily typable, you've configured your desktop wrong.

@levisan on mac i just hit option-= to get the real β‰ , but if i was writing to coders (or myself about code) i might use !=

What easily-typeable do you default to for β‰ ?

The fact that they call people who go to tertiary education later in life β€œmature students” says everything you need to know about those that go straight out of secondary school

@levisan @Zonz l think it's more useful to ignore "introvert/extrovert" labels and focus on:

- what can you do or tolerate?
- what do you want to do?
- what is your life requiring of you that makes you uncomfortable, if anything?

Then think about what you can do to restore balance if needed.

I'm starting to think that the intro/extroverted breakdown is not actually useful but I can't seem to put it to words

If you’re doing forced subtitles on your content and you’re not fixing glaring issues in the transcription, you’re doing it wrong

Today I'm learning about that time that NATO killed a bunch of civilians and thought it was okay.

Movie recommendation: **Gran Turismo (2023)**

Based on the true story of a kid (19 at the beginning) who was good at a racing simulator game and got picked to be trained as a "real" racer.

(Don't watch the trailers, it gives away too much of the story.)

@ambihelical @levisan same here! some guy in central europe who is into gaming and online gambling often uses my main gmail as his address. it's even set as the fallback for if he cant get into his google account!

@levisan Yeah I think it helps. There's some guy in Portugal (I think) that has been using my email by accident for like 20 years now. I'm guessing it's pretty close to his, and I've gotten some pretty important looking correspondence because of it, as well as a steady stream of verification emails. I tried to get a clue to him via the 3rd parties that emailed me, but it didn't help, and now I just ignore it. I guess he wonders why computers don't work very well for him, but at least I don't get email from those companies after the first one.

I used to think "confirm email" fields were dumb.

But the number of times I've seen people do the likes of…

My enjoyment of staying home and my desire to go places so I can take photos of different things do not jive well

I find it funny that they included Facebook in this list but not something like the invention of the transistor or printed circuitboards (without which we wouldn't have computers smaller than a room), or the internet (without which we wouldn't have the web), or the web (without which we wouldn't have Facebook)

Fun linguistic fact: the Dutch word for "lawyer" is "advocaat" and that word shares the same etymological root as the English "advocate". Is that not perfect or what?

Bonus related fact: there's also a (delicious) brandy-based drink sold in πŸ‡³πŸ‡± called advocaat and one of the theories behind the name is that it was originally called advocatenborrel, or "lawyers' drink"

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