What do you, as a customer, find the most attractive:

1. She learns how to make friendship bracelets

2. She makes one for herself

3. She makes one for me

“We have to match because we’re best friends”

The Unspoken Third Solution for Push Notification Overload:
not instant
summary pushes
set time delay

I want to say "[app] can only send one notification every x minutes"

Every plot hole can being filled with magic

Hi, my name is Levi, and it's taken me 3 decades to realise that my interest in things and my apparent appetite for said things differ so greatly that it seems I have very different ratio of enthusiasms/priorities/desires than I actually do have

I’m all for a good synecdoche.

But saying “condo” instead of townhouse/apartment/flat bugs me.

Maybe it’s because I'd rather know the form factor and not the ownership structure

I don't know who decided every gotdamned thing needs a little red badge to highlight irrelevancy (like "come see the new shit you can buy for your garage door!" In the app you open your door). What I do know is when I find out who you are, I am coming for one of your eyebrows while you sleep.

Wife: [goes to sbux while out and asks if I want anything]

Me: [doesn't want anything because it's meh IMO]

Sbux: Want this drink for free? It was a mis-order from the person ahead of you


Wife: I got you a treat; I know your priorities for free food trump your dislike of sbux

Me: this is true love

(this has happened so many times that she really does know it and doesn't even ask me)

I find it funny that so much of the "copulation out of wedlock is wrong" messaging talks about it being PREmarital and not EXTRAmarital

@freemo That's amazing! I've never been in that situation for long enough to get very efficient but I think I'd at least wear some clothing in the winter for the sake of not having to heat the house as much

@freemo I thought of the question while sitting on the toilet while the wife and kids were gone, and realising that I had habitually closed (but not locked) the door behind me.

I suppose your habit-training levels are very different!

You are going to sit on the toilet while no one else is home. Do you close the door?

@geordie I see a green bubble on your Apple Messages screenshot and now I wonder how Mr 12's texting setup is, well, set up.

Does he not have an iOS device? Or not have mobile data?

(Making notes for when my kids get to that stage)

I think part of why I feel the need to fill the silence with music/podcasts/audiobooks is because when I don't have something to pay attention to with my ears (like in the shower, when I had this realisation) my brain starts running around ideas, potentially getting distracting from what I'm actually doing

When you're talking about cameras and you want to specify that you don't mean digital cameras, what do you say?

Instead of arguing what "next Friday" means, how about we just stop saying it.

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