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People are so willing to point out that a daddy longlegs is not a spider but afraid to argue that a tomato is a fruit

Here's a wild idea: how about the municipality takes responsibility for keeping the sidewalks that it installs β€” and maintains in the summer months! β€” for the sake of the people who travel on them instead of guilting the townsfolk into helping people so they don't get fined?

Did some back-of-the-napkin maths and it might require a town budget increase of 3-4% to have them cover the cost of keeping sidewalks usable. I'd be fine with that.

Maybe I should write to the mayor and ask if they've considered it.

The "TurboTax" thing blows my mind. Basically in the US there's no way you can just do your taxes online on the revenue/taxation department's website like you can in every other grown-up country. Instead, there's commercial software called TurboTax which cut a deal with the US government that they'd offer a free version for PAYG income tax provided the goverment didn't build a tax filing portal for people to just use like would make the most sense. Anyway, Intuit, the company behind TurboTax, made the free version online but it disallows crawling through robots.txt, and does a whole bunch of other dark shit to try and hide itself.

Long shot but who wants to dox themselves so I can send them a 35mm film canister opener? I have an extra one. Message me.

It’s fascinating to me how several weeks of very subzero weather can make 30Β°F feel β€œpretty nice out.β€œ

Separate houses being built so close together that they can’t have facing windows does not make any sense to me

We have visual interfaces and we have tactile interfaces even though they are usually just tactile things to enhance the visual, but we don't have very many audio interfaces and we should have more them

I'm willing to bet that if we banned the use of leaf blowers for clearing snow, the ability to travel through urban environments without a car would not be worse than it currently is.

"You should be proud to be an Australian!" Not really. There was an Australian man and an Australian woman, the woman just wanted a back rub, and now here I am. I didn't do anything to become Australian, it just turned out that way.

New Hunger Games prequel movie: 2/5.
Meh story (spoiled by knowing what happens in the trilogy).
Way too many wide-angle closeup shots.

I had high hopes.

I don't care if it's A Thing, holding a microphone half the size of one's finger on camera is dumb.

TFW a person markets themselves as a "social media wiz" and 4/5 of their tweets have a dozen hashtags, some of which have nothing to do with the content they're posting.

It’s fascinating to think that until we have interplanetary diaspora or a major global disaster, we will never have the boundaries between cultures like we did in the past.

For a moment I thought my niece was learning the political compass

What a fantastic website. I wish everyone would use plaintext emails. It's so much better than huge and hugely annoying html emails.

Use Plaintext Email

It seems like more and more people are shooting in a 16:9 aspect ratio by default and I don't know what to think of it.

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