Got a new toy today, a Geforce 1050Ti. First real graphics card ever. I'm excited to see what it can do!

@lhackworth Neat. What was the card you had before this then? You said this is the first real graphics card? Only had onboard GPUs before?

@trinsec yeah only had onboard GPUs before. I'm extremely cheap and typically use really old hardware (I went through most of university using an arm-based chromebook with debian on it), but old hardware has really restricted me with machine learning stuff. This is the first CUDA-capable GPU I've had.

@lhackworth Oh, neat. As gamer I can't stick to old hardware, unless I only play the classics of course. ;) I do love old games, but I also love to play the newer ones.

Just wondering, ever going to game with it? Or is it purely machine learning?

@lhackworth (I also do video editing and graphics design though, so it's not PURELY gaming, in case you're getting that idea. :D)

@trinsec yeah I'll game with it. Not sure what yet though, probably CS:GO. It'll probably be mostly a machine learning computer though. A training epoch that would have taken 15 seconds is taking less than a second now!

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