I just learned that kilobyte and megabyte refer to the 1000 scale units while "kibibyte" and "mebibyte" are apparently the names for the 1024 scale units. Everything I know is a lie!

Apparently the distinction is for the conflicts with the SI prefix of kilo and mega being defined as powers of ten (not in relation to 1024).

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@lnxist yes - but using those terms makes you sound inexperienced, like someone who reads ¼” as "one fourth of an inch" rather than "a quarter inch". It's not wrong, but a bit awkward and falls oddly on the ear. KiB &c may be used in writing, however.

More commonly the SI prefixes are used for both and if the distinction becomes important (& context is insufficient) one clarifies "decimal kilobyte" or "binary kilobyte", and we just agree to ignore the purists who complain about the sanctity of the Greek roots.

@khird True! Which is why I'm still going to verbally say "kilobyte" and "megabyte". Only difference I'll probably make is using KB vs KiB where appropriate now in writing.

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