@purism Your payment processor is pretty obnoxious.

I guess I'll have to wait until day time for them stop acting paranoid to order the

Total nonsense.



I finally was able to post the order on the 4th try. I'm not too impressed with this Stripe payment processor if you want to add that to your customer feedback box.

Anyways, bitter sweet, this should be an interesting experience giving the Librem 11 a go. While the does have a solid aluminum body and tradeoffs -- including the pen, keyboard and storage upgrade the price is comparable.

I may buy that too, I do like the 4:3 aspect ratio. I look foreward to the 16:10 aspect ratio of the 11.

It may be slightly larger than I would optimally prefer and I am not the biggest fan of the vent on the side but I am sure it will be fine for Element and basic communication or even the cameras for video calls.

Someone mentioned some tablet from Juno but it was 16:9 so I instantly passed.

I see the weight has been added to the specs and would like to see more information about the mAh battery capacity however at 6 watts I am sure it will be fair or better.

I noticed information about it not having GPS built in which aligns with the ethos of purism, I wouldnt mind having it optionally in the future. Also I do think people are fond of the physical killswitches on the librem 5 -- I hope to see this come back in gen 2 (Assuming I am correct -- the images on the website could use a picture of each side of the Librem 11 similar to StarLite -- that way it could be communicated quicker which buttons there are and the location of them on the device.)

Anyways, as a Librem 5 owner, 14, and soon to be 11, you have my goodwill and many thanks for all your contributions to -- I look foreward to seeing your latest works.

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