Time to let the cat out of the bag.

I've been working on a new app to use your #Linux phones and tablets as secondary wireless "side displays" (not mirrors). This is based on #GStreamer, x264, #Mutter APIs, and low-latency UDP streaming, and will be designed to work on both ARM and Intel, regardless of hardware acceleration support. (Testing on a #librem5)

This is still at an early stage, and will take some time to become usable. Thoughts and feedback?

#gnome #linuxphones #apps #mobilelinux

users -- what do you use for a Phone Dock? Right now I am using my USB-C hub but it's difficult to keep the phone upright when I have the keeb and mouse attached

The orb itself was designed and built by a handful of people responsible for the actual Steam Deck hardware – some folks who work on the device itself and some who work primarily in the prototyping/fabrication workshop (and some Steam Deck clips made by an accessory designer on Reddit). The networking was a collab between people in the IT group and help from Steam networking (including a couple old retired switches from Steam and a rackmount case from an old Dota event).

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Remember kids, there's a pernicious reason why #Google redirects "maps.google.com" to "google.com/maps".

Because of this redirect, the location permission that you grant to Google Maps also automatically becomes available to Google Search - making your search queries more valuable to advertisers.


Drumroll, please! πŸ₯ AlmaLinux 9.3 is here for all supported architectures:
πŸ”˜ Intel/AMD (x86_64)
πŸ”˜ ARM64 (aarch64)
πŸ”˜ IBM PowerPC (ppc64le)
πŸ”˜ IBM Z (s390x)
Thanks to everyone who tested and helped make the release a success! almalinux.org/blog/2023-11-13-
#Linux #OpenSource

:gnome: GNOME the popular Linux desktop environment got €1M development boost πŸ’° :linux:

They will:

β–ΊImprove current accessibility
β–ΊDesign / prototype a new accessibility stack
β–ΊEncrypt user home directories individually
β–ΊIncrease hardware support
β–ΊInvest in quality assurance / dev experience
β–ΊExpand / broaden freedesktop APIs
β–ΊConsolidate / improve platform components

GNOME is in top Linuxes such as Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian..

=> foundation.gnome.org/2023/11/0

#GNOME #development #funding #Linux #API

LibreOffice Poll:

Do you want LibreOffice videos available via PeerTube?

PeerTube is a video platform for the Fediverse and is an alternative to Google's YouTube.

TILvids will give LibreOffice video space on their decentralized platform that is powered by PeerTube.

LibreOffice has 20.2K subscribers on their Google YouTube channel...

Please BOOST for greater exposure.

#LibreOffice #OpenSource #Fediverse #PeerTube #Privacy #TILvids #FOSS #FLOSS #Video #LibreSoftware @peertube @tilvids

@pixelfed Does the social network push out notifications by email? If not I wouldn't mind composite emails of the notifications or the option to be notified of activity on

I thought that made sense in after hundreds of millions of trees were killed due to the bark beatle invasive species the last few years.

I trusted fellow humans would show intelligence and not have controlled burns 365 days a year on windy days and only when it was sane, boy was I wrong, turns out many humans optimize profits over intelligence, safety and ethics. Sad.

I wish that file managers like and would thumbnail files based on their File Unique ID and not path, I have 150GB on 650 files from my photo shoot and the thumbnail generation takes a lot of resources where the thumbnail is thrown out when I rename the directory, or move the file into a sub-directory which can take 10 minuets just to create thubmbnails.

Also, when someone makes a thumbnailer to automatically thumbnail paths let me know as it would really speed up my workflow to have the thumbnails ready to go when I enter the directory.

Decided to make a new demo video for niri, finally. The last one was so old that niri didn't even have cursors implemented, it showed an orange rectangle instead. 🫠

Here's the link again for the curious: github.com/YaLTeR/niri

Very happy I've come this far writing my own compositor from scratch. Honestly thought my motivation would only last for two weeks max, but here we are. :blobcattea:

Learned a ton in the process, and now this experience helps me with Mutter & Shell profiling.


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I was able to get app to open via flatpak, it would start with a black sceen, and then when I clicked switch app the Librem 11 front light would come on and after about 10 seconds it would snap a quick image before freezing.

It didn't save that image. But I was able to take a screenshot to show the quality comparison between and `gnome-snapshot`

I also tried to load camera app, but it said
`Could not read device name from device tree. Could not find any config file.`

I decided to break out my commentary on the audio into it's own 2nd post (see profile). I also created a 3rd post where I decided to take 4 indoor example photos -- 2 with the front camera, and 2 with the back camera.

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camera app for has pretty bad ms feedback for pretty much any webcam I've used, even the $200 logitech 4k cameras. And of course I doubt if there is a color profile added to these photos, maybe something that will change with the new Gnome Snapshot app.

Overall again, I am pleased, having a hobbyist farmiliarity with photography I am sure that this thing would shoot some great photos during the day, indoors and outdoor under more optimal cloudy lighting conditions.

I will definately be keeping an eye on what cameras are in Generation II devices in the space, but until then this will do just fine for me like if I want to do a video call or whatnot.

Maybe I'll take those other example photos tomorrow if I remember.

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