The original model of the U.S.S. Enterprise and the men who built it, Richard C. Datin, Jr., Mel Keys, and Vernon Sion, on the day it was delivered to Desilu Productions. December, 1964. [1,600 x 900]

2022 bingo card:
โ€ข Norwegian government declares war on YAML
โ€ข James Webb and Hubble collide somehow
โ€ขSomeone makes an NFT-based file system as a joke but it somehow catches on anyways
โ€ข Jeff Bezos buys the moon
โ€ข Frogs.
โ€ข Alien life is discovered on some random minor planet nobody has ever heard of
โ€ข Covid-22
โ€ข Florida bans bicycles by accident but decides to enforce it anyways
โ€ข Elon Musk causes a global financial crash by posting Goatse on his Twitter

What #Fediverse software do YOU like the most? :fediverse:โ€‹

#Mastodon #Misskey #Pleroma #PeerTube #Pixelfed #diaspora

Our new UI is more than a fresh coat of paint.

We're also fixing several bugs, improving mobile app coverage, and extending federation support to more implementations!

Shipping soon ๐Ÿš€ #pixelfed

[Killer carnivorous dinosaurs]

[Poorly designed safety systems with no redundancy]

[Hires only 1 programmer]

"We spared no expense".

This is what I thought when I saw this

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