✨ Links in bio

That's right, links, not link.

We're adding support for multiple profile links, and they will be compatible with Mastodon too!

But wait, there's more! We're also adding rel="me" support to allow users to self verify ownership and display a distinct badge across our web and mobile UIs!

Thanks for the idea @Mastodon 😁

We just successfully tested Post Edits between Pixelfed and Mastodon!! πŸŽ‰ πŸ₯³

Shipping very soon! #pixelfed

Matrix 1.7 is out now! It's got reactions (finally πŸ’–), better mentions, async uploads, and a whole lot more.

Check out the blog post: matrix.org/blog/2023/05/25/mat

Call For Testers: join the postmarketOS testing team to get cool new stuff first and help with making the project more stable for your particular device:

* new postmarketOS releases
* new service packs
* new changes to postmarketOS edge


No matter what you run postmarketOS on, be it phones and tablets, chromebooks or other laptops, SBCs, smartwatches, google glass or your toaster.

Why don’t all new laptops come with a red β€œon air” light built into the top edge of the screen bezel so that you know not to disturb the user?

This should be a thing, right?

As an experienced parent I can tell you that we will quickly know if/when we have created an artificial general intelligence:

- it will start doing the opposite of what we ask
- it will start telling you at length about things that you didn’t ask it about
- it will cease to be able to combine logic with its knowledge and experience to make good decisions

Great news for Linux gamers.

The next version of Steam will use the desktop portal file picker.

In practice, it means Steam will use your native desktop method for selecting and saving files, resulting in better user experience and desktop integration.

This is one of many things Flatpak and GNOME pioneered that improves the Linux desktop for everyone.

#LinuxGaming #Steam #Linux #Flatpak #freedesktop #GNOME #KDE

Tenacity 1.3 beta 3 has been released! This release is mostly related to bug fixes and re-merges. See codeberg.org/tenacityteam/tena for more info.

Also new is our availability on Flathub! Our Flatpak, developed by @TheEvilSkeleton, got published onto Flathub yesterday! This replaces our AppImages from now on, so we hope to hear your feedback on the Flatpak soon! Check it out here: flathub.org/apps/org.tenacitya

#flatpak #flathub #audio #tenacity

Opening the interface and updates on Git.
I suggest you see a slice of the LoraType interface, based on E-Ink 1.54 in partial update mode.
Just recently we got new screens from GoodDisplay with increased refresh rate, speed is the most important thing here.
The main items are: general chat, individual chat, communication setup and general settings. We invite you to discuss, we are open to opinions
By the way we have OSHWA UA000004
#loratype #embedded #uiux #esp32 #lora #eink

System76 Plans Its Own Open Hardware Laptop, and a New Desktop Environment Written in Rust - Linux Magazine argues that System76's Pop!_OS offers "something rare: a commercial... - linux.slashdot.org/story/23/04 #linux

I the only one whose android app loads pretty slow each time it needs to refresh the feed through the day?

Among the most amazing pieces of free/libre software I tested in the last few months (but not limited to...) are:

-#Ardour 7.0 (wow! remember launching versions 1.0 then 2.0!! so featurefull, flexible, robust now!)

-#SurgeXT, one of many new free/libre synths, part of the surge-synthesizer.github.io/ suite

- #Bespoke, incredible DAW reminding of AudioMulch (!)

- #Hydrogen, one of the first mature audio software that gave me hope 15y ago, as a drum machine.


yet didnt touch #VCVRack...

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Also welcome the Sway spin to the Fedora Project! :fedora: 🀝 :sway:

Sway is a tiling window manager and drop-in replacement for i3, but with support for Wayland.

They also have Sericea, a Sway immutable desktop joining the ranks of Silverblue and Kinoite!
#Fedora #Linux #Sway #Sericea #Silverblue

Fedora Sway: fedoraproject.org/spins/sway/
Fedora Sericea (Sway Immutable): fedoraproject.org/sericea/
More Sway info: swaywm.org/

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@netbsd "just a hobby, won't be big and professional like gnu"?

FSF Says Google's Decision to Deprecate JPEG-XL Emphasizes Need for Browser Choice - "The fact remains that Google Chrome is the arbiter of web standards," argues FSF ... - news.slashdot.org/story/23/04/ #gnu

✨ YSK: You can now explore posts and profiles without an account!

πŸ“Έ pixelfed.social/web/explore
πŸ‘₯ pixelfed.social/web/directory

Available on supported instances #pixelfed

It's a real honour and I'm so privileged to be able to work next to so many outstanding people and learn from them! πŸš€


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