@purism last poke for the night, if you want to release the STL file for the back of the Librem 5 I would love to 3d print a new back cover or have one made out of solid copper or aluminum.

The plasticy feel of the back doesn't have the expensive premium feel you would expect from the device like the sleek aluminum feel of the side frame.

I would hapilly order a clear case jacket for it too however so far I haven't been impressed with them in the space -- the outer shell case for example felt pretty terrible and below average.

I do think releasing the STL or cad files would encourage the community to "make the device their own" and maybe do custom color backplates which encourages the development of brand culture and loyal fanbase.

/thoughts on L5

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Also the work in the phone dialer seemed interesting. I'm sure many people out there would be happy to use the device over those WIFI services. I look foreward to seeing how they develop in time.

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