The site's roots are a tad older as I began blogging about Ubuntu in 2008.

I had a tech blog called "FYI! DYK!" (because clearly I love acronyms and exclamation marks, don't I πŸ˜‚). It a mish-mash of PowerPC Mac OS X app reviews, netbook news/rumours, Windows rants, OpenSolaris opines, adolescent cringe, and Ubuntu dev coverage – the latter stuff took over and thus OMG! Ubuntu! (as it was stylised then) was born!

And here YOU are, 14 years on, sharing this occasion with me β€” I appreciate it πŸ₯°

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Excellent work, also love the content on as well in recent times :catjam: I've picked up so many cool leads and tips over the years :computerfairies:

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