Oh jeez.

So after a decade of being ΓΌber hands-off in the omg comments section β€” for "reasons" which those of you know me will understand – I recently began doing some light moderating per the Code of Conduct (rules haven't changed since 2010; basically: "be nice or I'll mod you").

This has resulted in a flash-flood of outrage from some long-term "problem" commenters who find the mere idea of being asked to reply to people who like different apps/DEs to them as fellow humans as unconscionable.

"And?" you ask.

Right; so if you don't read omg comments (which I can't blame you for given their variable quality, historically speaking) you can't move on to a different toot.

But if you do read or leave comments on omgubuntu - thank you <3 - please be aware that the comments section on newer articles may open/close more than a broken door in a gale.

I banned a problem commenter earlier but they've already spawned new accounts so… I'm trying to deal with that.

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A fair bit of stuff has happened in my life recently. Death, health issues, financial woes, etc… It's changed my tolerance levels.

Everywhere I go online it's the same stuff: wall-to-wall division, ad-hominem, "othering", demands, cycles manufactured outrage about inconsequential stuff…

Seeing that below the line on my own website… Nah, mate.

My blood pressure has never raised over a packaging format, a DE, or someone not using an app I do… I struggle to comprehend the vitriol tbh.

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These seem to be turbulent times and it seems more and more people are experiencing burnout, and understandably so.

Adhominem attacks, strawman, slippery slope can be obnoxious and tiring.

As a 10y reader, I wouldnt mind seeing the site move away from disqus someday for newer articles and having discussion around a article here in the fediverse where communication can be more robust. Fedi has emojis, attachments, and some reaction emojid or awards which is much better than a simple upvote or downvote. Popularity is not the only way to measure contents value.

It would be cool to have a fediverse feed plugin at the bottom of the article and then from there the site could filter out by domain, user, or other predetermined conditions if they are not up to the sites standards. I'm just thinking out loud here.

So much has changed in 10 years, I think it was the days of digg that popularized disqus but I may be remembering wrong.

I also think it would be easier to track boosts on the

Thanks for all the great years of sharing and cool tips. Do what you need to do to recharge and remember to seek sustainability -- in personal life matters. And maybe even a layer of insulation from the outer world whatever that looks like.

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