The Watch Frameworks team is growing, and we're looking for another SwiftUI Frameworks Engineer! This position is working on SwiftUI itself, so Swift and UIKit skills are more useful than experience building apps with SwiftUI. :-)

If you’ve built apps with SwiftUI, that’s great! But if you’re thinking “this job is not for me because I haven’t learned SwiftUI yet,” that’s probably not the case.

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@lorihc Hey Lori! I don’t suppose there is any chance for this to be remote?

@frankfoster Unfortunately no, this is local in the Santa Clara Valley, California.

@frankfoster Where are you located, btw? (If you don't mind saying.)

@lorihc I figured it would be down at HQ but it didn’t hurt to ask :) I’m in North Idaho unfortunately. I used to work Apple Retail in Spokane, WA and would love to be back at Apple, but sadly life circumstances make it hard to move at the moment.

@frankfoster Right on. Found you on LinkedIn in the meantime (and saw that you were looking before I posted about our opening). Will definitely keep you in mind for future opportunities! If you would ever consider moving, please do apply.

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