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We also get to interact with a lot of people, like my kid's friend's dad, who has recently learned to ride a unicycle. And the family of 5 who creates their own bike bus every morning. And the old man who walked his old dog around the pond every morning, and who one day we saw sans dog, and exchanged a knowing sad look that became a hug that became a friendship.

Cars are good for a lot of things, but seeing cool things and making new friends are definitely not among them.

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I'm shocked, shocked that we won't be able to keep warming to 1.5℃. Who could have seen that coming.

Business as usual will result in warming of around 3.4℃. My bet is we'll wind up closer to that than to 1.5℃, due to the fact that shortsighted, ignorant, selfish, greedy people run the world. I don't know if civilization can survive that kind of climate. I guess we'll find out the hard way.

h/t @ClimateNewsNow


#ClimateCrisis #FossilFuels #greed #oligarchy

My body is back in the USA but my mind is still in London.

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Since the MAGA Supreme Court overturned Roe:

Kansas voters rejected an amendment to ban abortion.

Vermont voters codified abortion rights into the state constitution.

Montana voters rejected an anti-abortion referendum.

Michigan voters codified abortion rights into the state constitution.

Kentucky voters rejected an amendment to ban abortion rights.

California voters codified abortion rights into the state constitution.

Ohio voters codified abortion rights into the state constitution.

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Hey y'all. My small farm's end-of-year sale is on now, so if you ever wanted to try our CBD for soothed muscles, better sleep, or just a little extra chill in your day, now's the time! No coupon code required. Makes a pretty cool gift, too.

All products grown and by yours truly, right here on the farm. I'd love to send you some. (And please tell a friend! We depend on word of mouth.)


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Easy to miss, but impossible to ignore as an iOS developer: Apple publishes site updates frequently, and it pays to check it weekly. New tutorials, doc updates and more: developer.apple.com/news/site-

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As Erin Reed reports, a new survey by Data for Progress shows that 76% of likely voters believe the decision re: access to care for transgender youth should rest with parents or medical practitioners. Not with state legislators determined to impose an anti-trans, Christian nationalist agenda on citizens….

Interesting, isn't it? From abortion to medical care for trans young folks, people want to make their own decisions in consultation with doctors.

#trans #TransYouth


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Really cool role in my department just opened up in London - working on the documentation compiler. Huge opportunity for impact across Apple and with external developers. Let me know if you'd like more info or a referral.


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To catch non-Californians up on a recent event. A major section of a freeway in Los Angeles was shut down 6 days ago when as arsonist set fire to it. After initially projecting the closure would last months, Gov. Newsom now says the freeway will be open 4 days from now. In large part, that's because repair crews have been working 24/7 and the state is sparing no cost.

Meanwhile, LA remains largely off limits to bicyclists, pedestrians and people who'd prefer public rapid transit because politicians insist there isn't enough money to fund these more climate-friendly alternatives.

So the vicious cycle will continue, despite a climate crisis that can no longer be denied or ignored.


In the time it took my spouse to respond to my family Slack post about this opportunity (for which I would have had to rearrange my work schedule), it sold out. Go Handsome Pod!! I got a Livestream ticket instead. squadup.com/events/handsome-po

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I just pushed out a new build of the TestFlight I'm running for Pedometer++. This major update is focused around making it the best companion possible for hiking with an iPhone or Apple Watch. It includes:
- In-app advanced route planning on both iPhone and  Watch.
- Offline map download of hiking oriented maps
- Full re-design of the Watch app to make it really shine on watchOS 10

I'm always looking for more testers, if that sounds like your kind of thing: testflight.apple.com/join/M6Qy

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For the first time, some of Apple's Swift Student Challenge winners get their travel to Cupertino and accommodation paid for by Apple – this opens up the competition to a huge range more people! Definitely check it out with fresh eyes. developer.apple.com/swift-stud

A colleague in Health Software is looking for a senior iOS software engineer to join her team working on ResearchKit and CareKit. Women and folks from other under-represented groups encouraged to apply! jobs.apple.com/en-in/details/2

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“In sum, there is no denying that women’s path to leadership positions is paved with many barriers including a very thick glass ceiling. But a much bigger problem is the lack of career obstacles for incompetent men [..] The result is a pathological system that rewards men for their incompetence while punishing women for their competence, to everybody’s detriment.”

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From @ErinInTheMorn:

Fascists don't care about what their constituents want. They only care about hurting the people they hate.

After Election Day Defeats, Ohio Begins Hearings On Drag Ban, Bathroom Ban, And Trans Care erininthemorning.com/p/after-e

#transphobia #fascism #persecution #ProtectTransKids

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