Lost our first game of the tournament to the UW team, 4-3. We played well, and our average age was about double theirs, so no complaints.

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Question for those who say prosecuting a former president sets a dangerous precedent:

Isn’t it more dangerous to set a precedent that a former president will never face accountability if they broke the law?

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If you want to come work and build the next kalloc_type(), blastdoor, lockdown mode, 🔥🌸 <insert your favorite mitigation or technology here>, then this is the team for you.

Its purpose is precisely that, and you’d be working with the people who’ve done the above and then some.


This is the team I have actually joined SEAR to staff, and this is our mission statement: mastodon.social/@jacquesf/1101

And this is important to stress, we aren't necessarily looking for security experts as @jacquesf mentions in mastodon.social/@jacquesf/1101 several of us come from various non security backgrounds.

We're looking for a diverse crowd of generalists who have an affinity for security and want to continue the trend of making a difference in the vein of mastodon.social/@jacquesf/1101.

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Okay cheesy post alert:

WWDC always reminds me why I love being a software developer. I love the community!

Growing up I didn’t know a single person as interested in technology as myself. I was the geeky-tech-nerd with no one to share that passion.

To have found my people? Who get hyped over new development tools and new technology?

Younger me would be so proud!

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I love how Barnes & Noble specifically promoted some of these "banned" books. Every library and bookstore should do this.

#fascism #books #ChildrensBooks #BookBanning #FightFascism

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It remains absolutely wild to me that Jalopnik, of all things, has one of the most enlightened editorial views on car culture and windshield-perspective.

This is a blistering editorial that would get you fired from just about any mainstream newspaper for writing.


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Putting this out there again because I’m still seeing iOS developers struggling. developer.apple.com/videos/pla

Today’s weeding task: hockey jerseys. I feel like this one might be of interest to a Silicon Valley Internet Bubble fan or collector. The Blue Martini team had the best jerseys in our Monday league, and I got an honorary one when we did some work with them. 44 because it was the year Dreamweaver 4 and UltraDev 4 came out.

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Because that’s the strange dilemma here. “If every new administration prosecutes the previous one for ‘political’ crimes, then we’ll become a third-world country!”

If we DON’T prosecute crimes committed in the course of running for and holding office, but instead assure every fraud and charlatan and grifter that political victory is a get-out-of-jail-free card, we’ll become far worse than a third-world country. That’s the direct path to kleptocracy.

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I finally finished @notjustbikes video on the epidemic of SUVs and "light" trucks. Honestly, it should be required viewing for all elected officials.


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I'm psyched to see a larger US bike brand making a bakfiets-style bucket bike. Flood the streets with these things. twitter.com/TrekBikes/status/1

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What was your first computer? Mine was an Atari 400 that I bought at Sears way back in late '81 or early '82.

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It should come as no surprise to anyone that I'm a fan of the Apple Watch, but I was recently reminded of a less prominent benefit it provides: its persistence. The fact that it is always quietly keep an eye on me, regardless of whether I'm interested in health or fitness at the time.

I recently worked through a season of great struggle with exercising, but have been really encouraged by it persistently recording data so that I now have a clear before and after:


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The xenophobia of the TikTok ban, the hysteria over section 230 which protects speech online, the denial of women's health care in the overturning of Roe, the attacks on teachers and book bans, the persecution of LGBTQ people, the freakouts over drag ... all these things are the SAME THING: rising American fascism. They're all perfectly in line with a white supremacist, patriarchal view of America.

Every day we pretend fascism can't happen here is a day it gets one step closer.

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I am really disheartened about people not caring about the rising fascism in the US. Is the idea that ignoring it make it go away this time?

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