Have you seen a spike in your battery autonomy since using . 9 hours like that never happened at all. @lewlepton what do you think

@lewlepton edit : turns out it’s just the kind of website I’m using. If anything safari gives a better autonomy

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@louiscouture cant say i have checked or looked properly. laptop hardly moves from the desk, just so i dont have to unplug everything

@louiscouture though what i have found is that safari & vivaldi [almost rhymes] are fine on my older [about 7 year old] 13" macbook pro

so feel the browser has helped me a wee bit

firefox & chrome were awful, so was tor. tor was possibly the worst, since it does block a lot & the speed was stupid bad. since tor is built from firefox, it was just the same. firefox was only slightly faster. the less we say about chrome, the better 😉

@lewlepton try putting the tracking blocker on. I really see significantly better autonomy and my fans are more silent.

@louiscouture in terms of a mac experience. its hard to do better than safari, for speed. with compatibility of things, vivaldi is better of the 2

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