If you think you should skip the #COVID19 vaccine, my DMs are open. I will try to convince you to reconsider. No pressure. But let me try to answer your questions and give you the information you need from reputable sources. I’ll explain all the details. #GetVaccinated💉

@louiscouture @jwildeboer hi, define healthy and do you personally know anyone under 35 who has died from it, because they are the pertinent points

@ldexterldesign Do you want me to send their medical history? Which in both cases is short. No known preconditions, no heart problems, no obesity. @louiscouture

@louiscouture One was a casual smoker, both did like a beer every now and then. No drug addictions, no asthma. Is that sufficient for you? @ldexterldesign

@jwildeboer @louiscouture well smoking is the least healthy thing a person can do, alcohol is next. My father has fatty liver right now and that’s caused by high sugar/carb. Alcohol manufacturers can put what they like in beer because there’s no fact label; hence why home brewing and craft beer has taken off. Fatty liver yields insulin resistance which is a huge unknown in society. If people are already inflamed and get #COVID then it’s life threatening in my book.

@jwildeboer sugar is a drug. I don’t need to tell you how many people are addicted to it. Smokers usually have blood sugar issues. They drink alcoholic to remedy it. Alcohol is sugar.

@ldexterldesign so you are accusing two dead friends of mine of being drug addicts to make yourself feel good about refusing to get vaccinated?

@ldexterldesign the way I see it, you have a serious problem with showing empathy towards others and this for me explains your refusal to enter a real discussion. That’s not my problem. I wish you a wonderful day.

@jwildeboer LOL. I never got personal with you or your "friends" (I didn't even know they were your friends!). I think you're the one with empathy issues mate. I thought you were a virtue signaller piece of sh#t from your original post and I'm correct. YOU have a wonderful day.

@ldexterldesign Thank you for CCing me into this Lewis. I was apparently following you by mistake and will rectify this with a block immediately.

Sorry you had to put up with that @jwildeboer


@ldexterldesign ah, projection. The age old problem of accusing others for your own mistakes. Added to my blocklist.

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