The truth::
-theres not a single corp or org that cares about you; even some nonprofits
-all communities have the potential not be toxic
-your privacy has already been lost; but can be slowly regained
-even choosing a privacy-focused OS, you're trusting someone to not betray you
-no matter what government you reside in, it does not care about you. You do not exist in the hearts and minds of a modern politician
-conflict between people will always exist- but it's possible to consolidate it.
-anarchy is not a solution, it's a cop-out.
-discrimination exists in more ways and expressions than a normal person perceives
-science isn't perfect, that's why changes are made and experiments are compulsively and meticulously redone. Sometimes for the sake of sanity.

Biased optimistic reflections::
-It is better to instead of giving up on the world and all that exists within it, to try and be the better person and strive to become the change you wish to see.
-instead of trying to force others to change, accept the differences and attempt to negotiate.
-although some entities may have underlying intents, try to utilize the resources from them for the intended purpose and instead reciprocate the desired outcome
-focus on yourself and what matters most to you and you will gradually find yourself closer to it further down the line.
-there is order in cooperation and mutual appreciation of each other's roles. We all play many parts in the many systems that compose the clockwork of our everyday lives. A gear has more than one tooth.

Focus on the positive in life and you will eventually make it happen. The negative nature of things is as captivating as the fear of the depths of despair.

Remember to stay honest and true to yourself and to observe the world around you and explore the many "worlds" that lay underneath.

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