I spent a good 20 minutes tonight wondering why there was no Thursday night #NFL game if you want to know how my day went.

@lucifargundam I've already worked about 35 hours and there's two days to go.



My boss is worried I'm not putting in enough overtime. My vpn got revoked. I asked to have it reinstated.

I'm getting ready to start up my resume ready again.

This is after having had a boost in reputation.

I think someone's trying to pull strings to make me call on my ass somehow- but can't think of why.

@lucifargundam @Tim_Eagon sounds like he should've been more honest about the expected hours

@eris @Tim_Eagon

From what I've been told by others, he doesn't fully understand the implications of the finer factors within my position. Weird, considering he's my boss. But regardless, I treated him with the context that he actually did.

What it amounts to now is that I wrung water from a stone and am now being asked why it isn't Kool aid.

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