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Today's lunch:::

Burritos with chorizo, whipped egg, onion, cheese and mushrooms.

>> new usb floppy drive came in
>> still have huge case of floppy disks
>> still have plenty of micro SD card adapters

** cracks knuckles while doomslayer theme plays in background **

Time to get cooking...

Teriyaki chicken with a baked potato with green onion, cheese and butter. Corn on the side.

Oh- @fsf 's online store is closed due to staffing shortage? Did they quit or were they laid off?

Being asked why you're late to work after lunch on the weekend, during your Out Of Office week.

When senior coworkers buy you lunch after a disaster of a company meeting where you were impossibly thrown under the bus and everyone is in awe at the audacity of the notion.

>> on irc
>> writing up some scripts for local repo
>> listening to Linux podcast group recording

<< group drops irc like a bagged, dead squid on a hot day

>> Stops music.
" I'm sorry, what? "

-4 of spades.:: Card of Stagnation
-3 of pentacles :: Card of Construction
-1 of cups :: Card of Enthusiasm

If I pull away from certain people and focus on myself, I'll be able to focus on doing things that actually make me happy- rather than putting my ambitions on hold.

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