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Gingers aren't real- they can't hurt you.


Cyberpunk 2077's Night City is located in the heart of California, directly on the west coast of the United States. At this point in the world of Cyberpunk 2077's story, California has split into two different halves, South California and North California. The location of Night City in real life is in the heart of California, directly on the coast. The self-goverened free state of Night City in Cyberpunk 2077, however, would say that it is at the very bottom of North California.

You found a shop.
You browse the wares of a shop, what do you want to purchase?
🗡️ Spear [1d6+0, +2] 🛡️ None [13]

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“Despite the trials and tribulations of life, always consider life the most precious gift the Cosmic ever granted human beings, because it is the medium of our spiritual evolution and the source of the happiness we seek. Furthermore, regard your body as the temple of your soul, and take great care of it.” Rose + Croix Code of Life

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From what I've been told by others, he doesn't fully understand the implications of the finer factors within my position. Weird, considering he's my boss. But regardless, I treated him with the context that he actually did.

What it amounts to now is that I wrung water from a stone and am now being asked why it isn't Kool aid.


My boss is worried I'm not putting in enough overtime. My vpn got revoked. I asked to have it reinstated.

I'm getting ready to start up my resume ready again.

This is after having had a boost in reputation.

I think someone's trying to pull strings to make me call on my ass somehow- but can't think of why.

I gam
I nom
I slep

Sleeper Cell since the dawn of 80s brainwashing videogames.

All those in front of boob tubes are sleepers.

No one is saf

Go bak 2 slep

Highlight of my day so far:::

Had to lockpick an office storage cabinet using a fountain pen.

Yes, the pen still writes.

Lunch::: chicken cheese quesodillas with Green onion and cayenne pepper. Blue Moon to wash down.

-wrote in my journal
-watched 2 movies
-had some beer after a long day of having nothing but protein


wow, that was 3 years ago....

Since that time, I've been rejected by more jobs than people I've met in my life. Not because I don't qualify, but because I don't have specific something most people look for.

Fortunately, reputation and word of mouth saved my butt eventually.

You walked to a local shop.
The shopkeeper nods in greeting as you enter, what would you like?
🗡️ Quarterstaff [1d6+3, +5] 🛡️ Chain Shirt [15]

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"Mysticism heightens our creativity and helps us develop the greater sense of confidence that comes from knowing how to tap into our inner wisdom to find answers to life’s challenges. Mysticism is humanity’s deepest quest for Self Knowledge." Rosicrucian Manuscript

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"Meditation is a transformation of consciousness. When we meditate we change our state of receptivity, like tuning to a higher wavelength. Meditation is attunement." Rosicrucian Manuscript

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