I remember a time when mall cops actually meant the mall was high-end, rather than being on the verge of closing.

I remember when "game devs" were highly paid nerds who forged the foundations of future youth.

Now, the same people find more reliable employment in fastfood, and more value in previous generations.

>> I want this bracelet, but I'm afraid it won't fit on me. What do you think?

<< Ruff!

>> That's a bit rude. Do you at least think it'll look pretty on me?

<< Arwooo!

>> Well, thank you dear. I'll take it. Can I finance it?

<< Bark!

>> Park it over there? Sure, let me know when you're ready.

@EVDHmn @garyackerman

My best professors taught me that the most valuable lessons for my learning will be outside the classroom.


Queue the 100 page textbook called "Everything you need to know in 30 minutes"

Trickledown Winery

Drop In The Bucket Ale

Streamline Wine and Dine


Sounds like a pattern of not being able to learn from mistakes, because of the delusion that mistakes were not made.


Data can only be reliable if it is transparent and verifiable.

If you cannot validate and sanitize data, you cannot use it as a honest, strong case for your point of argument in an intellectual discussion.


It is each person's problem when a member of their society does is not in a sufficient position to keep with the quo of the whole.

Societies weakest hearts, minds, and spirits are the foreboding tombstones of eventual collapse.

Stole this off LinkedIn

The title was "Companies adding AI to their product"

Australian friendos: did you know the Stop Killing Games campaign (https://www.stopkillinggames.com/) has submitted a petition to the federal House of Representatives? Bet you didn't, because I didn't.

Anyway, it's currently the most signed one on the list and has all of 11 days left. Might want to consider signing it, to stop companies stealing your games



Everyday is a holiday if you're happy.

I am not particularly happy - thus there is no holiday in my shoes.

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