Another turnover on downs, and Tua is done for the day!

Skylar in with 3 mins to go. 39-17 Dolphins.

Dolphins offence looking fierce today. Tua legit MVP form. Wilson and Mostert potential to be the best running attack for years. O line looked like it could protect Tua all day and created running creases.

Pass rush from the defensive front much improved since the Chubb trade

And we've barely mentioned Hill and Waddle

Playoff team writen all over them

Secondary might be an issue if X or Holland join that growing injury list, bye week coming just in time

Sanders is a serious concern. Having been automatic for years, bad misses are starting to creep on

7-3 for the 1st time since 2001 and so many positives to look forward to

And hopefully a few more Dolphins fans finding each other on a new platform

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