Can't watch the game today, but hope the community grows a little more!

Another turnover on downs, and Tua is done for the day!

Skylar in with 3 mins to go. 39-17 Dolphins.

Dolphins offence looking fierce today. Tua legit MVP form. Wilson and Mostert potential to be the best running attack for years. O line looked like it could protect Tua all day and created running creases.

Pass rush from the defensive front much improved since the Chubb trade

And we've barely mentioned Hill and Waddle

Playoff team writen all over them

Secondary might be an issue if X or Holland join that growing injury list, bye week coming just in time

Sanders is a serious concern. Having been automatic for years, bad misses are starting to creep on

7-3 for the 1st time since 2001 and so many positives to look forward to

And hopefully a few more Dolphins fans finding each other on a new platform

D comes up big with a 4th down sack.

Next play Wilson takes it straight to the house.

Sanders MISSES ANOTHER extra point.

New kicker incoming to Miami Gardens during the bye week?

39 - 17 Dolphins.

And this has to be the most fun I've had watching this team in years

Field goal unit coming out.....

No pressure Jason 😬

Hard Rock Stadium reverberates to chants of MVP as Tua leaves the field.

Hard to argue. Been fantastic all season, and Stella since returning from injury.

30-10 at the end of the 3rd

TD Hill
Tua finds Hill in single man cover at the from of the endzone. Great drive.

Sanders MISSES the extra point. Oh Jason.....

Big Run TD from Mostert. 24 yards.
Run game firing today. And Tua slinging.
O line looks the best in years.

Can't believe I've been watching the Dolphins for the last 20 something years and this could well be the best the team has looked.

But its the Dolphins, so I'm waiting for something to go wrong.

Fingers crossed it doesn't

TD Sherfield

Perfect, and I mean PERFECT, throw by Tua

17-7 Dolphins as half time approaches

Kohou makes a big play on a 4th down to force a turnover on downs

The undrafted rook having a great season so far, and another find in the secondary from the front office. Dolphins seem to find a bonus after the draft every year

7-7 after a fast start from both offences
Defences need to make adjustments
I fancy the Dolphins D stopping Brissett more than the Browns stopping Tua.

Dolphins games are Box office at the minute!

Roberts HITS Chubb!! Big tackle! Need more like that

MaDaniel loves going for it on 4th!
From their own 40, Wilson drills it past for a 1st down.

Next play - Tua lazers one to Sherfield.
And now Wilson with 2 big chunk runs for back to back 1st downs.

Offence rolling now

And Ingold dives in at the pylon

Another shootout?

1st mention of the heat on the away sideline of the day!

Browns on the board 1st
Dubious PI against Baker, and Brissett finds the TE from 1 yard out.

But at least now it's Tua time

Going to whirl over the next month or so, see how we go.
Live a couple of games, try and cover some news, what I can as a from the 🇬🇧

If that goes well, mix in some talk, start by covering games. If things are going well, some talk and finally some talk

Let's go

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