@mo_fortier@mstdn.ca I really hope more of my follows end up on here because my Mastodon feed is pretty sparse.

Now they’re kicking people off simply for Tweeting they should visit their unlinked website to find their Mastodon handle.

Characterizing Twitter as a publisher akin to conventional publishers brings potential legal liability for third party content that no platform could sustain.

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@stillgray@twitter.com Exactly. Twitter should be easy to use, but no more relentless free advertising of competitors. No traditional publisher allows this and neither will Twitter.

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Until today the new Twitter regime didn’t affect my feed much.

Then they banned @paulg today simply for declaring he gave up on Twitter and to go to his website to find his Mastodon handle.

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Government official tells Senate committee on Bill C-11 there is no intent of creating a Cancon definition for user content. But with discoverability regulations for user content platforms, Canadian digital creators would be effectively de-prioritized in their own country.

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We urgently need Congress to act to #ReinInBigTech, but #KOSA is not the bill. This legislation would make vulnerable kids less safe and could be weaponized against the #LGBTQ community. Congress should focus on #antitrust and #privacy instead. cnbc.com/2022/11/28/kids-onlin

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Thread/ Ok @VassB@twitter.com . Here we go. First the podcast you went on and claimed Cdn Creators are a 4/10. By what metric to do make this claim? Cdn Creators are the most exported Creators on the planet. Respectfully that comment is insulting and objectively false podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/

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@Pat what’s the mastodon equivalent of sending a general tweet? My client doesn’t seem to offer a way to change how my message is sent.

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Up next in our not at all cat related #billC11 series. We thought we would fact check some of @pablorodriguez@twitter.com testimony today as it relates to DFC's. Its a shame twitter doesn't allow longer videos.

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Heritage Minister @pablorodriguez@twitter.com asked if Section 7(7) were removed, would it change anything.
He says “probably not” and doesn’t give more government power [even CRTC disagrees.
Given the concerns about erosion of CRTC independence, should obviously be removed.]

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My thread on @pablorodriguez@twitter.com Senate appearance on Bill C-11 as a substack. Key takeaways:
1️⃣ Minister continues to mislead on regulating user content
2️⃣Admits algorithmic manipulation a possibility
3️⃣Wants flexibility to expand regulations in future

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Michael Geist: Gaslighting the Senate mgeist.substack.com/p/gaslight

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So, my takeaways from today's @SenateCanada@twitter.com hearings on #C11 - UGC, AKA content produced by digital content creators, is indeed scoped in this bill. @HeritageCanada@twitter.com has 0 intention of adding clarity, amending or removing section 4. #C11 1/9

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If this were true, Bill C-10 would have passed last year or C-11 would have passed months ago. Instead, your insistence on regulating user content has sparked widespread concerns. How about sharing how you will fix the consensus problems with the bill?

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This was the government’s response to a proposal to exclude links from Bill C-18. Not only is it factually wrong - Spain did not have a link exclusion - but the claim that this would be a “loophole” is akin to saying freedom of expression is a loophole.

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On Mastodon the vast majority of my feed is from hacker news.

The @globeandmail@twitter.com is right to point to risks of government intervention into news sector in Bill C-18. This post highlights the incredible array of powers granted to government and CRTC. The risks to editorial freedom are very real

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The wording of Bill C-18 needs a rework to protect independent journalism theglobeandmail.com/canada/art

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