Stress-Testing 64-bit Manjaro Xfce on Pro @PINE64 with "go get"... And getting ready to build apps with on !

@lupyuen @PINE64 I have question. Why htop shows 6 cores, I think there is 4 in A53 CPU?

@hilaire @PINE64 Pinebook Pro runs on big.LITTLE architecture: Dual Cortex-A72 + Quad Cortex-A53, 64-bit CPU. Total 6 cores :-)

@lupyuen @PINE64 great. In the #CuisSmalltalk community we are discussing the opportunity of the #Dynabook for kids. Pine64 looks like a nice hardware base.

@hilaire @PINE64 Yep the choice of operating system matters too... @ManjaroARM with feels so much more responsive than Debian Mate that I have been using

@hilaire @PINE64 Oh and Pinebook Pro doesn't have a touchscreen. If you need one, maybe the upcoming PineTab is better

@lupyuen @PINE64
The whole design would be different, more like an A4 size workbook with dual screen (a bit like surface duo but larger).
Regarding software stack, a bare bone linux+CuisSmalltalk user software. It is a dream forecast (is it understandable English?)

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