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Is there a prebuilt "initital flash" image available, that includes the bootloader and ready to run InfiniTime in slot 1? Is that what image-0.8.0-develop.bin is?

What would be the alternative way to get a bootloader+infinitime combination onto the devkit (before glueing it closed and actually wearing it for testing)? Flashing bootloader.bin to 0x00 and pinetime-mcuboot-app-0.8.0-develop.bin to which address??

@dwagenk @JF @PINE64 Check out PineTime Updater... It flashes InfiniTime and the MCUBoot Bootloader using a Raspberry Pi... This is the same firmware that will be shipped with the new PineTime github.com/lupyuen/pinetime-up

@lupyuen @JF @PINE64
The run.sh script in that repo contained the part of information I was looking for:
The bootloader compatible app needs to be flashed to address 0x8000.
Will hopefully flash it today so I can play around with the pinetime when I'm on a train tomorrow.

@dwagenk @lupyuen @PINE64

Yes, you are right, the bootloader needs to be flashed at 0x00 and the application image at 0x8000.

The merged file (bootloader + application) is a good idea, I'll add this in the build script!

@JF @lupyuen @PINE64
yes please! Also the existence (as downloadable asset in the release) of pinetime-mcuboot-app-0.8.0-develop.bin tricked me a bit. I assumed this would be the file I'd need to flash to 0x8000 so the bootloader could boot into it. Is there a use for this file other than it being a necessary intermediate step for creating the image-0.8.0-develop.bin file (and maybe the dfu update package)?

@dwagenk @lupyuen @PINE64
Right, the release asset are not clearly documented. I'll try to improve that in the future!

And indeed, pinetime-mcuboot-app-0.8.0-develop.bin is of little use, as it needs to be wrapped into an MCUBoot image to be usable.
The file you should flash to 0x8000 is image-0.8.0-develop.bin.

@JF @lupyuen @PINE64
it's mentioned somewhere in the docs, so I'm happy tester of the pinetime now. Will wear and test it tomorrow.

A big THANKS to everybody working on #PineTime #InfiniTime and #PineTimeBootloader !

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Resetting the device by long-pressing the button seemingly/probably only works when the firmware is not hanging due to a bug, correct? For more extensive testing I'd like to semi-permanently glue the case shut, but then I can not reset the device anymore in case of failure...

Background: There seems to be a bug in 0.8.0 locking up the firmware when the screen turns off while there is a touch happening (have not been able to precisely reproduce the circumstances)

@dwagenk @lupyuen @PINE64 The button prevent the watchdog from beeing refreshed. If the firmware is really stuck in an infinite loop or error handler, the watchdog should reset the CPU.

If that's not the case, and if you found a way to freeze the application, could you create an issue on the Github project (github.com/JF002/Pinetime)?

@JF @lupyuen @PINE64 I'm planning to do that, but I haven't tracked it down enough, to accurately describe it.

@dwagenk @JF @PINE64 Thanks! JF and I hang out at the PineTime Chatroom on Matrix / Discord / Telegram / IRC, you can find us there: wiki.pine64.org/index.php/Pine

@dwagenk @lupyuen @PINE64 thanks! I'll be very busy this weekend, but I'll try to have a look à reproduce it asap!

@dwagenk @lupyuen @PINE64

I think I've found a fix for this issue, and I release a new RC version. Can you test it and see if the bug is fixed?


@JF @lupyuen @PINE64 yay, thanks!

Just updated and it seems to work. No problems right now.

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