I'm curious... is there anywhere that people interested in the #PineTime can follow developments and get a general sense of how far along the project is? I'm really tempted to buy one, but if it's going to be 6+ months before it's able to show the time... :think_bread:

My general sense is that it's probably still about 4 months away from getting to the level #MobileLinux was when #Braveheart came out. That's based on a wildly inaccurate guess and little else though.


@Blort @PINE64 Happy to have you onboard 😀

1️⃣ Check the wiki and the FAQ for updates (I have just updated it)

2️⃣ Chat with us on Matrix / Discord / Telegram / IRC. We're happy to answer your questions wiki.pine64.org/index.php/Pine

3️⃣ Try flashing and testing Remote PineTime! It runs 24 by 7

4️⃣ Here's how you can create your own firmware in a web browser, no installation needed

For the record, I am interested in contributing, but my skills like more with #design and #ux than code.

@Blort @PINE64 Awesome! I'm stuck with a crappy UX, as you can see 😉

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