@PINE64 I gotta be blunt about ... 1️⃣ There is a high chance that will fade away like GD32 VF103 2️⃣ Arm has way too much mindshare 3️⃣ So it really helps if we learn RISC-V and get involved now 🙏

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@lupyuen I doubt that Arm will be able to notice risc v but it is necessary to maintain
@lupyuen @PINE64 I'm even sure that Apple may be making processors at riskv
@lupyuen I read it, the article is very interesting, as I will continue reading the article about GD32VF103 (I just ordered pinecil).
@lupyuen Have you heard of this project like Embox? (http://embox.github.io/) If so, what do you think about this project within riskv?

@Gamercat Embox doesn't seem to support RISC-V. Porting it to RISC-V might be hard

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