TensorFlow Lite app exports the functions "setup" and "loop" (So cute!) ... Let's add them to Command-Line Interface

Our Build of TensorFlow Lite calls "new" and "delete" to Allocate and Deallocate C++ Objects in Heap Memory ... But it's supposed to use Static Memory, not Heap Memory ... Let's find out why

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We disable Thread-Safe Initialisation by setting "-fno-threadsafe-statics" ... This fixes the Missing Functions "__cxa_guard_acquire" and "__cxa_guard_release" in TensorFlow

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Lupy, does pine cone have enough number crunching power to run bigger ai models? Or do You use tf here just to train models on pc rather than running them?

If youd get me a hw i could do some sw devel for you. Anyway. Youre no longer as responsive as you used to be. Making up my mind about unfollowing. Cheers.

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