It's a fair review. It appears the author has recently joined Mastodon. @fishfulpenguin
Hoping Aaron reads my reply. 😀

Regarding navigation,
* Pure Maps is available as flatpak, may be packaged in Arch (it is on pmOS), fits a mobile screen well
* OSM Scout Server for offline maps in Pure Maps
* I had the same issue with GPS fix hundreds of kilometers off; I work around it by disabling mobile data. Then the GPS fix is correct, though not very precise.

@lupyuen @fishfulpenguin
Of course, disabling mobile data means OSM Scout Server is necessary. The phone takes more than 10-15 minutes for the first GPS fix; if the screen goes dark it will lose track and the fix will have to be found after waking up the screen again...

The phone heats up a lot, and the battery drains faster than an old Hummer its gas tank! I tried using a battery pack but energy drain was still massive.

So while it may technically "work", it isn't yet practical.

@normandc I've been for a bit just didn't share this on this instance just yet.

I forgot about Pure Maps thanks! Battery life is bad and that's coming from a Pixel 4 user lol.


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