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"Pekko is a fork of the project just before its licence changed from Apache 2 to Business Source License ... We ask that the Apache Foundation accept this project so as to prevent any future incompatible licence switch"

How does @PINE64 control its LCD Display? Let's uncover all the secrets about PinePhone's mysterious LCD Display and its MIPI Display Serial Interface...

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I use STM32F405/F446 for audio processing in modular synthesizer products.

To get there, variance of 3-4 microseconds on the 20.8microsecond target is audible, and had to be clever to solve that.

The software doesn't do buffering (well, technically 1 sample).
The software/ is a bit gnarly to navigate, since several hardwares are to be supported (just gave up on CH32V307 Risc-V mcu), but the base audio processing is in components/demiurge


@lupyuen Interesting. In something like audio, you need sub 1ms timing. I don't think there's any Linux that will do this. I actually wonder if RISCOS would be good for real-time systems.

My big dream is to have some kind of RP2040/Pi combo, so one can have fast and proper real-time where necessary.

"Chinese smartphone maker Corp ... said it was "disappointed" with an Indian order that froze US$ 682 million of its assets and would continue to protect its interests"

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