@lupyuen: You're pretty proficient with NuttX. Would you think it's a good idea to build IoT stuff on top of that, especially when i want to create a distributed system using meshing protocols and such, also targeting microcontrollers (such as ESP32/RP2040) but also more powerful targets such as the PinePhone or a classic PC?

"Rune aims to provide much of the power of Python in a fast systems-programming language designed for safety and speed"


Speaking About New Improved ESP32 Boards Have A Go At The ESP32-S3 Board With A Display Port & microSD Card Slot.

The entire articleis here.

Oh myyy, a big piece on my life and my legacy work in “Allegiance” in The Guardian today. Of course, they are hyping up the drama around unimportant pop gossip, but glad to see the story and this musical getting great press as we head into rehearsals next week!


For tickets to see me live on stage starting in January and to April of 2023, visit allegiancemusical.com

#introduction and news

I guess it's time for an introduction. I'm a research scientist at Google based in Montréal where I work on the design and evaluation of machine learning systems, especially search and recommender systems and their broader societal effects.

#recsys #sigir #machinelearning #hcai #facct @facct @recsys


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