@lupyuen They still very much exist in supermarkets and the cellular networks' shops in my area. #Doro and #Nokia are among the main brands, though there is a surprising amount of diversity.

@alex_02 @lupyuen but kaiOS doesn't respond as fast as old feature phones 🥺

@lupyuen I want a rugged 5G dumbphone. If the Nokia 800 had a 5G chipset, I'd already have one.

@lupyuen unfortunately I couldn't find that model sold on their USA website, but they're still kicking and I do like how hmd is focusing on budget phones.

New blog post about what we have done in 2024-05. This is absolutely amazing, thanks to everybody in this amazing community! :postmarketos:


@lupyuen i bought a nokia flip phone from hmd... they do sell them.

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