Such a new low. I am talking to myself on mastodon.

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@maison_faim Not so low, there's many many toots that go unaswered, sometimes good posts, it's pretty disheartening for the poster.

The local social scene has been pretty slow compared to some earlier times, like December or so.

@design_RG I feel the same. We need more active mastodontes.

@maison_faim I would like to see more friendly and active local posting, like we had in the past.

It provided feedback and incentive to our users to carry on and write, we got to know each other much easier and faster than people we meet in the larger feeds. Sadly that has been missing here.

Lots of disconnected posts, with no reactions or replies. Disheartening imo.


@design_RG That is true. But it's always tough to keep a community engaging.

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